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“Let me speak” : a tale from prison / Since Moses’s mother till mother of Gaza and Iranian imprisoned mothers / by Nargess Mohammadi

translated by: Farnaz Alvandi

2015-07-23 05:11:29
Feministschool: The following is the letter of Nargess Mohammadi. She has wrriten the letter in prison. Nargess Mohammadi was arrested in May 5, 2015:
When Ali and Kiana got born they were 2.4 kg and 2.3 kg. Because of my physical conditions like hypertension and albumin excretion I gave birth to them one month sooner. During my C-section I had pulmonary milk was contaminated with anticoagulant I was given so called heparin and Warfarin. As a result I was not be able to breast (...) more »


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Iranian Civil society activists have requested Nargess Mohammadi’s release
2015-07-10 02:54:52
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Mansoureh Shojaee’ letter to the Chief of Justice of Islamic Republic of Iran
2015-06-27 04:16:57
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Open letter of the “Women’s Citizenship Organisation” to the President’s deputy for women and family affairs to object to Nargess Mohammadi’s arrest
2015-05-15 00:39:10
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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s letter for Nargess Mohammadi’s release
2015-08-20 04:58:34
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Nargess Mohammadi’ letter to the prosecutor
2015-07-08 00:26:37
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“Mother of An Najaf” / Sergio Kochergin
2015-05-11 01:43:04
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Keynote Address delivered by Ruchira Gupta at NGO CSW Forum Consultation Day 2015
2015-03-20 02:46:55
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