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A call by women’s movement to form a united front against the "Family Protection" Bill

Sunday 17 August 2008, by admin

Feminist School: The collective statement by different women organisations and activists against the "Family Protection" Bill.

The destiny of the Iranian families is on the verge of being decided by the 8th Islamic parliament who is determined to pass a Bill under the pretence name of "Family Protection Law" which is otherwise known in the movement as "Anti Family Law".

The Bill was introduced in 2007 by the Ninth government and last month it was ratified by the civil and judiciary parliamentary commission, hence it is our concern that the parliament will pass the Bill.

The "Anti Family" Bill Not only it is an endorsement of women have no rights but it is also an endorsement of polygamy by way of financial ability.

The "Anti Family" Bill Not only women have no right on divorce matters but also the extended procedures to prolong the divorce proceedings make it even harder for women.

The "Anti Family" Bill Not only temporary marriage (Sighe) has not been stopped for already married men but has made it easier as the need to register legally has been removed.

The "Anti Family" Bill Not only it does not emphasise that married women should have the unconditional right to work but it is also introducing a taxation system on the alimony.

The "Anti Family" Bill Not only there are no traces of family protection but in effect it emphasises on backwardness of the law and its inhumanity. The focal point of the families is being pushed towards instability.

It has become to be a well known fact that this Bill is not for protection of family but sadly it opposes the humane relationship between women and men in any family. The inhumane contents of the "Anti Family Law" was introduced by the government rather carelessly to the parliament , where we are a witness to the human tragedy as a result of unequal rights- violence against women and children. An increase in social defects such as an increase in the number of husband killing, which is as a result of no rights to divorce. Family courts are full of such cases and no doubt if these unequal laws where to change the numbers would decrease.

It is as such that we the signatures of this call- have undertaken to stop the increase of human suffering as a result of such laws as this.

Hence we are assembled together in this crucial time for the Iranian Women, to form a united front so that we can stop the "Anti Family" Bill. We extended the hand of comradeship to all our compatriots who want to see that the women in their country have the right to justice and equality between women and men in the family environment.

We call upon all our compatriots from all organisations and parties with their diverse ideologies and any religion or gender, where ever they may be to unite in stopping the ratification of the Bill and support the women in their homeland.

The first few groups that have responded to our call

 Change for Equality

 Iranian Women’s Focus

 Human Rights Defenders Council

 Women’s commission of Tahkim Vahdat (student organization)

 Mothers for Peace

 Reformist women society

 Feminist school’s group

 Women’s Field

 Iranian Women’s Journalists Council (roza)

 Hastia Andish Organization

 Human Rights Committee of Advar Tahkim (student organization)

This Coalition’s website is:


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