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The possibility of cancellation of marriage

Tuesday 15 July 2008, by admin

Article 1122 of civil code- The following defects in man will give the woman the right to cancel the marriage 1 - Castration. 2 - Impotency, provided he has not even once performed the matrimonial act. 3 - Amputation of the sexual organ to the extent that he is unable to perform his marital duty.

Article 1123- The following defects in a wife bring about the right for a man to cancel the marriage: 1 - Protrusion of the womb (qaran). 2- Black leprosy (juzam). 3 - Leprosy (baras). 4- Connection of the vaginal and anal passages (ifza). 5 - Being crippled. 6- Being blind in both eyes.

Article 1126- Any one of the married couple who was cognisant of the existence of the defects above mentioned in the other party before the marriage was celebrated , has no right after that date to cancel the marriage.

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