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The Government of Ahmadi-Nejad, Women’s Rights And the War of Civilisations / Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani

translated by: Karineh Kanants

Monday 15 September 2008, by admin

Feminist School (Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani): The "Family protection" Bill was met with a broad reaction by the society as a whole, so much so that in the last month or so we have seen tensions growing in different section of the regime. The women’s movement in the midst of its campaign was able to convey its message against the"Bill" unanimously and hence the changes proposed was removed.

As to why the government felt the need to try to introduce such a controversial "Bill" at a time when the whole society needs unity to overcome existing crisis of immense magnitude, many analysts in amazement have elaborated with different assumptions. Some see the government’s insistence grudgingly towards the increase of "women’s power" in the society at large and exemplify (The actions of the recent years of the women’s movement).

But it seems that the international tension has an inward reaction and hence this has become part of the equation with outside world, on these bases we can see the (illogical) actions of the ninth government in relations to "Immediate hanging" or Stoning, and many other controversial issues.

On one side we witness the heavy burden of dealing with international issues by the government and hence controversial internal issues is perceived on the surface to be illogical as to why the government would want to create upheaval and come up against the reaction of the people and to be the reason for creation of different fronts against itself?

On the other side and again on the surface, it is not to be perceived that the government is pain stricken by its "fundamentalism" and for example its insistence on the roots of its foundations that has caused an all out war but we see that for strengthening its own front against its "enemies" on international level has actually entered into deals with countries such as Russia, Nicaragua, Cuba and .... in other words with the "Leftists" and if internal "satans and atheists" are willing and if they remember their "common enemy" (USA and the West) then the government will certainly act against the "internal mercenary enemy" as one, even though this has happened in the past and it will in the future.

Hence if we base our assumptions on "fundamentalism" and the government’s outlook beyond its "fundamentals" and ideology then again we won’t be able to come to a logical conclusion, because this kind of analysis is used in between different power centres on international and internal level which it real means being trapped in the appearance of the political system that wants to represent the "conflict of power" as a "religious conflict" and a "conflict in values of civilisation" of course some believe that this portrayal by the regime is in fact to its benefit and hence insist on its continuation and in fact the regime and some of the opposite international regimes are inclined to go along and let it be believed that the conflict with the Iranian government with the world is a phenomenon that has derived from the "contradiction" of religion and its values and not a "power conflict".

Even though it is not apparent that the Iranian government is against the "western civilisation" because of its "Fundamentalism" or from the Islamic religious point of view but it is trying to hold on to its "Power" internally and in the region and hence has entered in such an international conflict.

The Iranian government’s insistence it’s to gain points and for this he needs to have "allies" in order to give the conflict legitimacy and is also cleverly manipulating and portraying the conflict as a religious one in order to have the support of the effective forces on international level and to take its real motive forward which is the conflict of power.

It is from these bases which we can see the importance of why the "Family protection Bill" was so important for the government in regards to its international position that is ready to create internal upheaval to continue to cover its real motive and show the international forces how important its fundamentals are and to what extent will go to show this differences, the shows are for outside rather than inside and what better way to show the symbols to outside world by polygamy, punishment, stoning and hanging in the main squares of the city in front of people in order to keep its allies?

In the portrayal of complex, modern and many layered conflict is beneficial for the government, for if the conflict is contextualised as a power conflict then the different international forces will take a direct position but what complicates the positioning or as it is said the rules of the game changes, is bestowing the differences in "values and religion" as the world has learnt in the last one hundred years to respect differences, this causes hesitation and even support.

If the assumption that, the government is portraying is accepted, and is also accepted that it is beneficial for the government then one can say if it is this differences that are causing tension and driving the situation towards a war.

This matter causes the military’s who are for war in the world, wanting to destroy this differences and portray as threats but on the other hand causes others in the world (general populous of the west and its freedom lovers) on the basis of the respecting "differences" will support the regime or the society so called "different". But if none of the incidents takes place, at least "confusion and amazememet" the general opinion will cause not to take sides will mobilize world opinion which would make it possible and force our government for the sake of legitimacy to submit to "Human Right and its basics" for its people and will recognise "Human Right" and hence the destiny of us women in Iran even in the "Family as a social entity" will not be sacrificed for political conflicts between our government on international level.

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