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The natural guardianship of The father and paternal grandfather over the child

Tuesday 15 July 2008, by admin

Article 1180 - A minor child is under the guardianship of its father or paternal grandfather. Such is also the case with a immature or insane child provided that the immaturity or mental unfitness continues from the age of

Article 1181 - Either the father or the paternal grandfather has the right of guardianship over his children.

Article 1183 - In all matters pertaining to the estate, and the civil and financial concerns of the ward, the guardian will be his or her legal representative.

Article 1189- Neither the father nor the paternal grandfather can appoint an executor for his ward while the other is still living. Article 1194- The father, the paternal grandfather and the guardian appointed by one of them will be called the "special guardian" of the child.

Article 1169 - A mother has preference over others for two years from the birth of her child for the custody of the child and after the lapse of this period custody will devolve on the father expect in the case of a daughter who will remain under the custody of the mother till 7 years.

Article 1170 - If the mother becomes insane or marriage another man during her period of custody, the custody will devolve on the father.

Article 1179 - Parents are entitled to punish their children but they must not abuse this right by punishing their children beyond the limits of correction.

Article 220 of penal code- a father or paternal grandfather who kills his child will not retaliated and will be sentenced to mulct of murder which should be payed for the inheritors of the murdered.

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