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Iranian Women’s News in the Past Week

translated by: Karineh Kanants

Thursday 9 October 2008, by admin

Feminist School: Issued sentence for Some women’s activists in Iran and some Iranian Women’s websites has been filtered in the past week

Issued sentence for Zeynab Bayazidi: 4 years imprisonment in exile

On the morning of the 8th of October 2008 second hearing for Zeynab Bayazidi women’s movement activist in the prison of Kurdish city of Mahabad was issued.

Seyd Mahdi Hojati the acting lawyer for Zeynab Bayzedi in his interview with the Kurdish Human Right Agency confirmed the sentenced issued by the court and went on to say "with an unusual manner and speed which the hearing took place and the sentence was issued is not in conjunction with the article 18 on procedure that needs to follow, I will raise an objection in the regional administration of the justice department". The acting lawyer also a member of Association in defence of Human right activists continued by saying that he will use every possible legal means for a review of the case but it is most certain that the sentence will be carried out in the next few days.

Zeynab bayazidi Kurdish activist and a member of the campaign for one million signature was arrested on July 9 after presenting herself to the internal affairs office in Mahabad and was sentenced after one month in detention without a lawyer present to 4 years imprisonment in exile with possible early release.

Lateral sentencing issued for Ronak Safarzadeh: 9 month imprisonment for crossing the border and use of satellite

Mohammad Sharif, Ronak’s lawyer confirmed the lateral sentencing on one of the 2 women activists in NGO’s in Kurdistan, Mr Sharif stated that "Ronak Safar Zadeh has been sentenced for crossing the boarder and use of satelite, she is sentenced to 9 month imprisonment and $210 . He went on to say "No sentence has been issued for the main case.

Negin Sheykholeslami Arrested

Negin a Human Rights activists and also journalist was arrested on October 5 in Tehran by the security forces, Negin was responsible for the Cultural Association of Women AzarMehr in Kurdistan, Negin is considered a member of the women’s movement

Reduction of 5 year imprisonment of Hannah Abdi to one and half years

The courts issued a revised sentence for Hannah Abdi with a reduced sentence and has relocated her location of exile to Hamedan.

Feminist School and Change for equality Web Site have been Filtered Again

Feminist school and change for equality , two web sites of one million signatures, have been filtered. Feminist School web site has been filtered for the sixth time and change for equality web site has been filtered sixteen times too.

We also like to bring to attention that majority of web sites belonging to women’s movement, specially one million signatures campaign are filtered for Several times.

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