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The Fate of a Feminist School

Mehrangiz Kar

Wednesday 22 October 2008, by admin

The Iranian website known as “The Feminist School†was yet another media outlet that ‎was banned by Iranian authorities last year. Prior to that, a number of websites run by ‎women activists engaged in anti discrimination and justice issues were also silenced. ‎

Women in Iran have been subjected to so much abuse, to so many legal and unlawful ‎ways, and to so many laws forcing them to stay at home, that they were driven to ‎establish “large feminist schools.†Feminism and schools founded on its principles of ‎course do not allow for women’s right to be trampled on or their value be appraised as ‎half of that of men’s. Feminism does not allow a father or a grandfather to prevent his ‎daughter or granddaughter from marrying the person of her choice. The principles of ‎feminism do not allow men to have four permanent wives, or scores of others. This view ‎does not allow men to divorce their wives as easily and women to have to go through ‎such harship and to give up so many rights - sometimes even forcing the woman to give ‎something to the husband in addition to get his permission for divorce. The school of ‎feminism does not allow women to receive next to nothing as heirs to their deceased ‎husbands. What the school of feminism battles against are injustices of the sort just ‎mentioned. When bullies are present to shut down a feminist school in order to preserve ‎injustice, many consequences should be expected. ‎

The result of such discrimination in Iranian society is a feminist explosion that will shape ‎the future. When we come to that point, and mismanagements result in the eruption of ‎radical feminism from the womb of radical gender discrimination, suppressive measures ‎will no longer have any effect. The feminist explosion, or explosive feminism, will not ‎be summarized in an Internet website and cannot be filtered. Radical feminism will ‎shake the foundations of a regime that has sponsored discrimination. ‎

Future disasters must be averted and moderate and peaceful feminism, which conforms to ‎characteristics of Iranian culture, must be given the opportunity to grow and define itself, ‎in religious or non-religious, local and global terms. They must allow dozens and dozens ‎of feminist schools to be built so that, in accordance with principles of Iranian culture, a ‎moderate school of feminism is recognized as the norm and measuring stick. But with ‎measures that are currently implemented, such as suppression, filtering, arrests and such, ‎one can expect the emergence of radical feminism in the future. The laws that hey have ‎passed and worship like holy life itself, and the offices that they have placed on the ‎streets to harass women, all and all help to create a feminist school, of the radical kind of ‎course. ‎

Because feminism has been able to thrive and grow into several branches in the open ‎arms of the Western culture, which is enriched with freedom of expression, radical ‎feminism does not have many buyers in the Western world, even in women’s circles. In ‎Iran, the cultural environment that has been established creates the opposite effect. They ‎suffocate feminism as expressed by an Internet website and do not realize that they are ‎planting the seeds of what the West has been able to avert thanks to freedom of ‎expression, meaning radical feminism. ‎

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