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Women’s Movement activists news : Court, Prison and sentence

translated by: Karineh Kanants

Tuesday 4 November 2008, by admin

Feministschool: In recent days, suppression on the Iranian women activities has been intesified.

Rezvan Moghadam’s sentenced was confirmed

the sentenced of Rezvan Moghadam (a member of campaign for one million signatures)was confirmed by the court on the second review.she has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment with suspension for 3 years and 10 lashing .

she was arrested on March 4,2007 in front of revolutionary court with 32 other activists for disrupting public order.

Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh was accused

Zeynab Peyghambar zadeh’s appeal was overturned from 2 years suspended sentence to one year imprisonment and 3 years suspended sentence and reporting to interior ministry every 4 month. Mohamad Ali Dadkhah the acting lawyer stated that "this ruling is final, since this was her appeal we are unable to raise any objections or appeal" unless the chief justice uses his rights and cancels the ruling.

she was arrested on March 4,2007 in front of revolutionary court with 32 other activists for disrupting public order.

Sulmaz Igdar was sentenced

Soulmaz Igdar a journalist for Iranian Association web site was sentenced to six month imprisonment which may not have to carry out the full sentence.
Soulmaz was summoned to the revolutionary court hence the judge did not issue a written sentence but a verbal one. Solumaz Igdar is an activists and a defender of children’s and women’s rights and was arrested on the 20th anniversary of the killing of the Iranian political prisoners at the Khavaran cemetery, she was imprisoned for 12 days solitary confinement and made bail.
Igdar denounced her arrest as illegal and goes on the record by stating " Since they have issued a verbal sentence I refused to sign any document until they issue a written documentation for my sentence as if we have no written documentation we can not make an appeal.
similar sentencing was made for Amir Amir Gholi with verbal sentencing to six month imprisonment.

The hearing for Mahboubeh Karami

The hearing for the case against Mahboubeh Karami began on November 1, 2008 . According to Hooshang Pourbabayi Mahboubeh’s acting lawyer "the court announced the trial to be against national security, and disturbing the peace"

Porbabayi objected to the disturbing the peace accusation and has requested the hearing to take place in public prosecutions office rather than the revolutionary court, he stated that according to article 618 the fact that Mahboubeh was travelling by bus whilst arrested can no way be in the revolutionary courts remit.

Mahboubeh Karami was on her way home by bus when when she was arrested. In the Mellat park on that day there were demonstrations but Mahboube had no knowledge of the gathering and at the time was on the bus passing the demonstration, when the bus was stopped and the passengers were arrested, she was imprisoned for 2 month and made bail.

The court for Khadijeh Moghadam and her husband Dr Ali Akbar Khosrow Shahi is in session

The case is from last year where Ms. Kahdije Moghadam was arrested at her home and was in custody for one week, Dr Khsorow Shahi undertook an interview regarding the arrest and the interview was treated by the courts as "propagating against the regime" in the case against Miss Moghadam. What is interesting in the case is that Dr Khosrow shahi has a first degree case and Ms. Khadige a second degree. The second degree case has been deliberated as propagation against the regime, gathering and disturbing the peace and acting against the security of the country and also disobeying the police. Miss Moghadam had been the host of a few campaign for one million signatures meetings at her house, but her arrest was to stop a wake for her mother in law taking place at her house. Miss Moghadam stated that it is within her rights to complain against the police and the actions they have taken against her.

Interaction from Susan Tahmasebi

Susan Tahmasebi a campaign activist was called to report to the office of the public prosecution and was interrogated for 5 hours, Susan was with her lawyer Zohre Arzani but was not allowed to be present during the interrogation. Susan Tahmasebi is a member of the campaign for one million signatures was on her way to visit her family abroad and also give lectures on women issues and the campaign and was arrested at the airport and her passport has been revoked.

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