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Iranian Women’s News:some acquitted and released and new arrested and sentenced

translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Tuesday 11 November 2008, by admin

Feministschool: Although Esha Momeni is released and 2 other members of campaign for one million signatures, Mahboubeh Karami and Mahboubeh Hossein-Zadeh are acquitted, five other activists in Kurdistan ,Zeynab Bayazidi ,Hana Abdi , Ronak Safarzadeh , Negin Sheykholeslami, Fatemeh Goftari have been held in prison for months and Shahnaz Gholami is arrested in Tabriz.

Masoumeh Zia was sentenced

Masoumeh Zia,women’s Rights activist, was sentenced to one year imprisonment with suspension and financial penalty with condition of reporting to the police every 4 month as a punishment for participating in the peaceful demonstration in June 12th 2006.

The punishment continues with a payment of $200 for disturbing public order. Her appeal was overturned from 1 year of imprisonment and $300 to 1 year of suspended imprisonment and $200.

Women’s Rights activists protested against discriminatory laws in the demonstration that in June 12th 2008 .more than 70 of them were arrested and transferred to the Evin prison section 209 majority of the activists made bail and were released after a week.

Shahnaz Gholami was arrested

Shahnaz Gholami a Journalist and an Azerbaijani’s activist: was arrested on November 9,2008 at her house by intelligence service agents.Her brother said: " they ransacked the home and arrested her ,she was transferred to an unknown place".she had been sentenced to six months imprisonment on September 8, 2008 in branch no. 1 of Tabriz revolutionary court for propaganda against the state .

Prior to this round of imprisonment she had been in jail for five years (1989-1993)in Tabriz prison .Shahnaz Gholami is the manager of Azar zan’s weblog and a member of women journalist association .

One year prison sentenced for Hamideh Nabavi : confirmed by the courts

Hamideh Nabavi civil Right activist who was trying to attend a remembrance for 20th anniversary of murdered political prisoners. Hamideh Nabavi was arrested on October 7,2008 and transferred to the Evin prison and is being kept in the 209 section which is known as keeping general and dangerous convicts. Hamideh Nabavi is the second person from her family which is being sentenced, her brother Zohour Nabavi was also sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment recently for writing articles.

Esha Momeni was released

Esha Momeni was released on bail in the amount of $200,000 on November 10,2008 after being detained for more than 27 days in Evin Prison.

According to the deputy general prosecutor of Tehran, Hasan Hadad,the charge against Esha is "propaganda against the state".

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah acting lawyer for Esha stated "whilst my client has been in prison for more than a month I have been unable to review the case or have been allowed to meet and interview Esha" he went on to say that " no official statement has been forwarded to me regarding the case but according to the spokes person for the judiciary in a briefing, Esha is charged with acting against national security."

Esha Momeni, a graduate student at California State University Northridge, and member of campaign for one million signatures in California.

Mahboubeh Karami is acquitted for acting against national security and disturbing public order

Mahboubeh Karami is acquitted for acting against national security and disturbing public order. Hoosahng Pour Babai Mahboubeh’s defending lawyer announced: "The sentence was issued at the 15ht branch of the revolutionary court with the presence of Shirin Ebadi and I both representing the case. It is noted in the sentence that as a result of lack of proof and the accused not pleading guilty the acting judge has denied the public prosecutor’s provided reasons" mahboubeh karami was arrested on June 13,2008 and was imprisoned.

Mahboubeh Hossein-zadeh was acquitted from the court.

Mahboubeh Hossein Zadeh has also been acquitted by the court on charges for public disturbance, She and 33 other women activists were arrested because of demonstrating in front of the revolutionary court. She was tried in the revolutionary court and because of the courts jurisdiction on public disturbance the case was referred to civil court and hence was acquitted from the court.

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