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Response from chief of intelligence for judiciary: The print documents on Dr Zahra and her brother is not in the system

Thursday 13 November 2008, by admin

Feminist school: In a letter sent by the chief of intelligence for judiciary to reopen the case for the suspicious death of Dr Zahra Bani Yaghoub has announced that the print documentation of the last telephone conversation between Zahra and her brother Rahim is not in the file.
According to Aboulghasem Bani Yaghoub Zhara’z father "this print is part of the documents that can shed light to the enquire on the death of my daughter and elevate any contradiction in the case" and goes on to say that " the emergency services in the region who examined Zahra’s body at 9.30 in the evening, announced that Zahra had died before 8 in the evening. We have objected to the report from the emergency services and have declared as a lie hence if Zahra was dead at 8 o’clock how come she spoke with her brother at 8.30 same evening? They asked us if we had any evidence. To which we have replied beside the six individuals who were standing next to Zahra’s brother during the phone conversation you can check the print out from the phone conversation so we it can become apparent that at what time and where from he was calling Zahra and now after one year of trying by me and the lawyers to have a copy of the print out we have come up against the fact that the print out is missing from the file, how is it possible that the print is missing?

Zahra’s father has referred the response to the judge and has asked for enquire to made on the missing print.

Dr Zahra Bani Yaghoub one and half year ago was in the process of acquiring her doctorate had voluntarily gone to one of the villages in Hamdan and when she was visiting her fiancé in one of the parks in the city of Hamadan was arrested by the moral police and interrogated and after a few days in custody it was announced that Zahra had committed suicide a news which will never be accepted by her family. They are adamant that their Zahra was arrested illegally and killed whilst in custody.

Source in persian: Iranian Women Association:

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