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Iranian Women’s News in Recent Weeks

Translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Friday 21 November 2008, by admin

Feminist School: In the last week we witnessed that suppression on the women activists has continued

Zeynab Bayazidi was exiled to Zanjan prison

Zeynab Bayazidi has been transferred to Zanjan prison on Saturday November 15, 2008.

her family said : she has not contacted them since then and they are concerned for her safety. Zeynab is a member of Azar Mehr women association and campaign for one million signatures and previously member of defence of Kurdistan human rights organization .she was arrested and then tried in a very short space of time to 4 years of imprisonment in exile.Her sentenced was confirmed on the second review .

Mahabad’s revolutionary court accused her to 5 case of acting against national security:being member of campaign for one million signatures and participating in funeral of individuals who were against the Islamic republic and also according 2 witnesses she has been working with a Kurdish organisation that is against the regime and has used the name of Zilan for her shop. Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in exile. It is confirmed that this activists has only admitted to one of the charges which is her membership in campaign for one million signatures.

Court case for Soraya Azizpanah

Soraya Azizpanah the managing director of a Kurdish monthly had to attend court. Soraya Azizpanah report to Kurdish Human Rights Watch: According to the summons served I reported to the cross examination section for the government workers.

She confirmed that she was accused of propaganda for a terrorist group that is against the regime and elaborated that: a Kurdish poetry was printed in her monthly publication RASAN and hence the chief of paramilitary Basij from the city of Paveh had reported it to the authorities. According to the plaintiff the poetry encouraged the Kurdish girls to join the group which is armed and is against the regime and is based in the mountains of Ghandill. Ms Azizpanah has responded that the plaintiff has misunderstood the poem and that is complain is not valid. Nasrin Sotoudeh who is the defending lawyer has stated to the Kurdish Human Rights Watch that: In fact people who are based in the mountains of Ghandill belong to the Turkey’s labour Party and has nothing to do with Iran and it is not possible to identify them as a group against the regime. Ms Sotoudeh announced at the end of the court meeting that her client has been charged to pay 10,000 $ but Ms sotoudeh has stated that the amount is not justifiable and it is in fact the plaintiff that should pay.

Fatemeh Goftari was on trial for a new charge

fatemeh Goftari’s court a ’member of Azar Mehr women association in Kurdistan and Mother of Kurdish imprisoned student ’Yaser Goli’’
was held on November 17, 2008 for propaganda against the state by announced hunger strike in branch no. 2 of Sanandaj revolutionary court .one of her family members stated that the court will reconvene on an unspecified later date and Ms Goftari made bail.

Mahdiyeh Golrou was summoned to the court

Mahdiyeh Golrou one of student activists and a member of Islamic association in Allameh university was summoned to the court. she has been summoning to the court verbally and by phone several times during past weeks but she refused to attend the court.

according to the report of Amir Kabir Newsletter ,
Golrou received an written summon yesterday that stated she would be arrested if she didn’t attend

Mahdiyeh is an student in economic faculty of Allameh Tabatabayi university
Who has been deprived of attending classes after Sadraldin Sahriati the new dean of the university had assumed his position.

Esha Momeni still not permitted to leave Iran

the Iranian labour news agency ILNA, recently quoted Alireza Jamshidi, the spokesperson of the Iranian Judiciary, saying that ’there are no obstacles for [Momeni] to leave the country.’

However, Esha Momeni’s passport has not been returned to her and according to close friends, Esha was told by the officials today that this news was incorrect and that she does not have permission to leave the country.

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