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Blood money for murder

Tuesday 15 July 2008, by admin

Article 300 of penal code- The blood money for the first- or second-degree murder of a Muslim woman is half of that of a murdered Muslim man.

Article 301- The blood money is the same for men and women except when it reaches a third of full blood money, in which case a woman’s blood money shall be half of a man’s.

Article 441- Defloration of a virgin by insertion of a finger that results in incontinence
shall entitle the victim to her full blood money plus a sum equal to her potential dowry.

Article 478- If a man’s reproductive organ is severed from the circumcision line or lower
he shall be entitled to his full blood money, otherwise the amount of blood money shall be proportional to the
size of the severed part.

Article 479- If a woman’s genital is totally severed she shall be entitled to her full blood
money and if only half of her genital is severed half of her blood money is due her.

Article 487- Section 6. Blood money for the aborted fetus which has taken in the human spirit sha ll be paid in full if it is male, one-half if it is female, and three-quarters if its gender is in doubt.

Article 209- If a Muslim man commits first-degree murder against a Muslim woman, the penalty of retribution shall apply. The victim’s next of kin, however, shall pay to the culprit half of his blood money before the act of retribution is carried out.

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