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Nasrin Sotoudeh Forbidden to Leave the Country to Receive her International Human Right Award

Translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Wednesday 10 December 2008, by admin

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Feministschool: Wednesday December 10,2008 when Nasrin Sotoodeh one of the well known lawyer’s for the Campaign for one million signatures was at the airport with her husband and 2 children destined for Italy was told she is forbidden to leave Iran and her passport was confiscated.

Nasrin Sotoodeh has been nominated from Italy to receive the International Human Right award, hence it was scheduled for Nasrin to receive the award at the special ceremony, Nasrin Sotoudeh refused to hand over her passport and stated that until the regulatory laws have not been applied she will keep her passport as a result her husband was recalled from the plane so they can revoke his passport.

Eventually they presented a court order and revoked her passport to stop her and her son leaving the country; however her husband and daughter left for Italy to receive the award on her behalf.

Prohibiting Nasrin Sotoudeh to leave the country is a classic example of what is happening to the campaign for one million signatures activists, as 4 other activists Mansoureh Shojaee, Parvin Ardalan, Talat Taghinya and Sussan Tahmasebi were forbidden to leave the country.

It is also note worthy to state that Nasrin Sotoudeh has been handling many of the cases for the activists of the one million signatures campaign and other social and political activists and also pursued actively on stopping the hanging of juveniles.

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