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The portions of inheritance

Tuesday 15 July 2008, by admin

Article 907 - If the deceased leaves no parents, but has one or more children, the estate will be divided as follows: If there are several children, some being sons and some daughters each son takes twice as much as each daughter.

Article 906 - If the deceased has left no living children, and no living children’s children of whatever degree, either of the parents, if alone, takes the whole estate; and if the father and mother of the deceased are both alive, the mother takes one - third and the father two - thirds. But if the mother comes after someone else, one-sixth of the estate belongs to the mother and the rest to the father.

Article 920 - If the heirs of the deceased consist of several full brothers and sisters, or of several half - brothers and half - sisters on the father’s side, the share of a male will be twice that of a female.

Article 949 - If there be no other heir apart from the husband or wife , the husband takes the whole of the estate of his late wife; but the wife takes only her portion , and the rest of the estate of the husband is considered as the estate of a man without any heir, and will be dealt with in accordance with Article 866.

Article 913 - In all the conditions mentioned in this subsection, whichever of the married pair is the survivor takes his or her, share and this share means one half of the estate for the surviving husband and one-quarter for the surviving wife, provided that the deceased left no children or grandchildren; and it means one - quarter of the estate for the husband and one - eighth for the wife if the deceased left children or children’s children. And the remainder of the estate is to be divided among the other heirs in accordance with the preceding Articles.

Article 945 - If a man marries a woman when he is ill, and dies of that disease before consummation of the marriage, the wife does not take inheritance from him; but if he dies after consummation, or after recovery from that disease, the wife takes inheritance from him.

Article 946 - The husband takes inheritance from the whole of the effects of the wife; but the wife takes only from the following effects

a - From the movable property, of whatever kind.

b - From building and trees.

Article 947 - The wife takes inheritance from the price of the buildings and trees, and not from those things themselves; and the method of valuation is this, that the buildings and trees are valued on the supposition of their being worthy to remain in the ground, but without taking into consideration the labour.

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