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Sealed by Security Forces:The Office of Defenders of Human Right

Translated by :Karineh Kanants

Monday 22 December 2008, by admin

Feminist School: It was decided by the Defenders of Human Right’s office that on the Sunday 21st of December in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the International Human Rights would have a private gathering.

In the early afternoon found the presence of police and the security forces in the office of the Defenders of Human Right after confiscation they sealed the office and left.

Must be noted that this gathering was not open to general public and had 300 invitees, the security forces stopped the guests at the front of the office, Mr Esmail Zadeh one of the lawyer’s of the Defenders stated to the reporter of the Feminist School that "I arrived at 3 o’clock exactly and was stopped by the guard outside the office, I enquired what was wrong? To which he replied you have not paid your taxes hence we are here to close and seal the office, during my conversation I was approached by plain clothes police and was told not to argue. Ms Narges Mohamadi was inside the building and was in an argument with the security forces because they had provoked by remarks such as it is a shame that you are a woman etc, etc. I told the security outside the office that I am a lawyer and I would like to go and speak to Ms Narges Mohamadi at that time I was punched in the chest as I still have pains in my chest" according to Mr Esmail Zadeh the office of the Defenders of Human Right was closed and sealed without any court order and after they sealed the office Mrs Shirin Ebadi and Narges Mohamadi and I had to leave the building.

The fars news agency has claimed that "according to clause 10 on political party’s the interior ministry has ordered Tehran’s Attorney General to act as the Defenders of Human Right does not have the correct legal documents for its activities and as they have issued different statements on different occasions and have send letters to internal and external organisation and have held press conferences and seminars which has caused negative and anti regime atmosphere and not taken in to consideration warning issued to them hence order has been issued for its closure"

But according to the statement by the Defenders of Human Right "The office was sealed without any court injunction and it is illegal and has also stated that the Defenders of the Human Right started their work on 2000 and have put forward their registration application to the commission of the political parties and even those responsible at the time (Ali Janati political Deputy of the political ministry) confirmed that this organisation is legal and was announced to general public in the newspapers"

Defenders of Human Right have even registered internationally and are member’s of international federation of human rights which has 190 countries as its members" and the statement has ended by saying " with the absence of court order the Defenders of Human Right office is raising objection and also on insulting behaviour of some of the security forces which resulted to some physical abuse, in objection to closure the Defenders of Human Right with Human Right Watch have issued a joint statement known as "Break The Seal on Defenders of Human right"

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