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Iranian Women’s News in the Past Weeks

Translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Friday 26 December 2008, by admin

Shahnaz Gholami is in non political prisoner ward

Shahnaz Gholami ,a journalist and a women rights activist,who was arrested on November 9,2009 at her home in Tabriz , is being kept in non political prisoner ward.despite the fact that, it is very cold in Tabriz prison ,the prison officials refused to provide her with warm clothes ,she has only a blanket to cover the cold tile floor,which has caused some pain on her legs and back.
she has not been able to get a lawyer yet.prior to this she had been in jail for five years (1989-1993)and also for one month in July 2008.

Dr Sharif :Ronak Safarzadeh Case is Worrying

Ronak Safarzadeh , a university student and a women rights activist ,was arrested on October 8,2007 and has been held in temporary custody for more than one year.
Dr Mohammad Sharif her lawyer stated in an interview with Kanoon’s reporters : while the case is ready for ruling issue ,the judge has extended the temporary custody eight times.
Dr Sharif also stated that: because of the type of her charge"Moharebeh"(combat against Islam and state) and delay in issuing a ruling for her,her case is worrying.

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