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Over 500 Women’s Rights and Civil Society Activists Object to the Closure of the Defenders of Human Rights Center

Translated by:Sahar Mofakham

Friday 2 January 2009, by admin

Feminist School :More than 500 civil society activists and equal rights defenders issued a statement condemning the act of shutting down the Office of Human Rights Defenders and persecution of Shirin Ebadi.you can view the statement below:

The statement against closure of the defenders of human rights office

The Office of Defenders of Human Rights was closed and sealed by security forces on December 21,2008 without any court injunction .this organization started their work on 2000 and have put forward their registration application to the commission of the political parties but although the commission had approved the application at the time but the interior ministry has avoided issuing the licence of activity for them.Defenders of Human Rights have even registered internationally and are members of International Federation of Human Rights which has 190 countries as its members.Shirin Ebadi,Nobel peace laureate, is a founding member of the Defenders of human Rights Office which the cost of opening of this office was covered by the award on 2003.the office has three main tasks according to their constitutional which are :"defending of political convicts free of charge" ,"supporting political convicts’ family members"and "reporting regularly about malpractice of human rights procedure in Iran"

It was decided by the Defenders of Human Rights Office that on 21st of December in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the international human rights ,would have a private gathering but this event was not held because security forces sealed and closed the office .

Reviewing the activities of this organization and its role in supporting and defending of human rights and women rights activists prove the importance of this popular organization.

Silence of each of the equality and liberty defenders against this act will cause the continuation of such actions.

Hereby we the undersigned, demand the immediate opening of the office and request the continuation of the humanitarian role of this office and believe that the closure of the office is not the closure of justice.voice of nations are stronger than voice of states .

Read the statement and view signatures in Persian

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