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Are We Allowed to Support the Palestinian People or Not?/Shirin Ebadi

Translated by: Karineh Kanants

Monday 12 January 2009, by admin

Feminist School: The importance of Human Right and the emphasise that the Defenders of the Human Right in Iran have in revealing Human right issues, the office of Defenders of Human Right was closed one day before the attack on Gaza. In this difficult situation we managed to issue a statement in condemning the war which has caused human and structural damages.

One week after issuing this statement my office and home was invaded by a group of individuals who tore my licence to practice and started writing slogans on the walls of my house and chanted abuse because of the lack of support with the victims of the war from my side. The aggression of this group caused nothing but violence and this was an abuse on my individual right which was reported in the media all over the world, this actions by the group is also added to the list of abuse of Human Right.

The excuse utilised by the aggressors was that Human Right Defenders and I have remained silent in condemning the war and supporting the Palestinian people.

This was proven wrong by internal and international media but what happened to me and many others in front of the Palestinian embassy in Iran has surprised many of us.

Today January 11,2009 the Mother’s for Peace at 11 o’clock gathered in front of the Palestinian embassy in support of the women and children and remembering the dead in Palestine. After 30 minutes a group of aggressors which could be the same group as the ones who attacked our office and my home, attacked violently the Mother’s for Peace and injured some of the participants, they used pepper spray and chanted "Down with reformist and compromisers".

Now the important question is what is the objective of this aggressive group? Are we allowed to support the Palestinian people or not?

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