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Nasrin Sotoudeh: My Clients Mehri Moshrefi Member of the Mothers committee of Campaign and her Husband have been Announced as Guilty and Are to be Prosecuted

Tuesday 13 January 2009, by admin

Feminist School: About 2 month has passed since the arrest of Mrs Mehr Chehreh Moshrefi one of the members of the Mothers of the campaign for one million signatures and her husband. Nasrin Sotoudeh was contacted by phone so we could make some enquire on the status of the case. Nasrin Sotoudeh’s response:

As you know this case is being handled by Mrs Shirin Ebadi, Mrs Nasim Ghanavi and I, the enquiry made by Mrs Nasim Ghanavi today at the court it became apparent that the case has been transferred to revolutionary court for prosecution. Sadly the lawyers of this case were not allowed to meet the defendants Mehr Chehreh Moshrefi and Mr Abas Javadi Doust hence the right of defendants to meet with the lawyers were abused and this after 2 month our clients have been arrested.
As you are aware Mrs Moshrafi and her husband and 2 children were arrested in Behesht e Zahra cemetery, right from the time of arrest a lot of human right abuses have taken place for instance the youngest member of this family was the only that was not arrested and she had no news of her family for 16 days and the other issue is that no crime or offence has been committed, their 16 years old son was arrested and imprisoned for 1 month was placed in Evin prison, the law states that juveniles under the age of 18 should not be in the same prisons as over 18s.

Nasrin Sotoudeh added: Our latest attempt to meet with our clients was refused and hence we still have no knowledge of the content of the case.

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