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Iranian Women’s Equality Calendar: The gift from the Feminist School to the second generation of Iranian migrants of the campaign for one million signatures for the New year

Thursday 22 January 2009, by admin

Feminist School: The Iranian Women’s Calendar provides a glimpse into the hidden history of Iranian women, a history that has not only remained unfamiliar throughout the world, but one that has yet to receive its due attention in Iran.

It also shows a brief chronology of one Million Signatures campaign that is one of the most important movements in Iran. Women’s world encyclopedias and anthologies are void of Iranian women, despite the significant role they have played in women’s advancement in the Middle East since Iran’s 1905 constitutional revolution. The women’s movement in Iran has made visible waves in the region and has shared an
interactive relationship with other women’s movements throughout the world; it has affected and been affected by women’s movements in both Western and non- Western countries. During the past 100 years, Iranian women have overcome many obstacles imposed on them by various governments and restrictive traditions.

The women honoured in these pages have challenged their prescribed subservient positions, and have penetrated a wide array of fields previously prohibited to them. It has not yet been a hundred years since the establishment of the first all-girls school in Iran- those women who participated in founding such schools and contributed to women’s education are honoured in this calendar. Those women who committed their energies to publishing women’s writings and to founding the first
women’s organizations are accorded a place within the pages of the calendar.

The calendar introduces and celebrates those women who have broken new grounds in their intellectual and professional lives. Accomplishments not only in recent history of Iran, but also those that reach centuries back. The names and pictures of the featured pioneer Iranian women encompass a diverse and wide spectrum- the discipline of science, the creative realms of literature, art, and music, sports, the contentious arena of social struggles, and the professional fields have all progressed due to their endeavours. They are writers, poets, journalists, activists, and women who dared to make their way into exclusively male arenas. It is with the hope and aspiration that this calendar gives exposure to women’s hidden activities so that they too, will be given their rightful place in history. Due to the lack of space, some of the historical dates do not match the calendar’s corresponding dates, but are sometimes off by a day or two. Please excuse the inconsistency.

Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani

Download the following file, For seeing Iranian Women’s Equality Calendar

Iranian Women’s Equality Calendar

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