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Visual Report of Receiving the Prize from Simone de Beauvoir Foundation

Thursday 22 January 2009, by admin

Feminist school:on January 21,2009 The Simone de Beauvoir award ceremony in honour of campaign for one million signatures took place in Café Les Deux-Magots in Paris where most meetings of simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre and other intellectuals had been taken place. Simin Behbahani,representative of campaign for one million signatures, received the award .

Behbahani quoted her campaign colleagues: "we follow our constitution and it is in our constitution that we do not except cash from inside or outside if they are not our members, hence the prize money which we were presented with we have presented it back to the Simone de Beauvoir foundation and we will allow them to use any way they see fit. But we accept the thought and proudly accept the subjective thought of the prize".

Behbahani received the prize and thanked the host and spoke about the courage and the strength of the women in her country and in the campaign which has put them in grave dangers, she also thanked all the media present.

Julia Kristeva , Feminist Philosopher and the founder and head of the Simone de Beauvoir prize committee, and Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir ,adopted daughter of Simon de Beauvoir, and Christine Albanel , culture and communication minister of France , and the publisher Editions Gallimard were attended in the ceremony .

Special thanks to Maryam in Paris who provided the photos.

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