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An Interview with Nasrin Sotoudeh about the Review of the Court Case for the four Campaign Activists and Status of Mehrchehreh Moshrefi

Thursday 29 January 2009, by admin

Feminist School : On January 27,2009 the court review of four members of campaign for one million signatures,Parvin Ardalan , Jelveh Javaheri , Nahid Keshavarz and Maryam Hossein khah ,was held in branch 34 of Tehran review court while Maryam Hosseinkhah didn’t attend the court because she was not in the country, prior to this the four activists of the women’s movement were charged because of their activities in web sites such as Zanestan and changed for equality and each has received six month imprisonment sentence, hence Nasrin Sotoudeh as their acting lawyers had objected to the sentence .

Nasrin sotoudeh also announced that the court for Mehrchehreh Moshrefi ,a member of mothers committee of campaign for one million signatures , and her husband Abbas Javadi Doust will be held on January 31 in branch No.28 of revolutionary court.Mehrchehreh Moshrefi and her family were arrested in Behesht e Zahra cemetery and have been hold in Evin Prison for more than one month.

Nasrin Sotoudeh , one of the lawyers of the case ,was interviewed so we could make some enquire on the status of the case.

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s response:

Feminist School : Mrs Sotoudeh how was at the review court for four members of campaign activists elaborated:

N.S: As you are aware my clients ,Parvin Ardalan ,Nahid Keshavarz,Jelveh Javaheri and Maryam Hossein khah ,each has received six months of imprisonment for their activities in web sites such as Zanestan and Change for Equality .Because I and other lawyers of the case ,Shirin Ebadi and Leila Ali Karami ,had objected to the ruling so the case transferred to the branch no 34 of review court and the court was held yesterday .My clients again stated that they had not conspired to over throw the Islamic Republic of Iran and their activities in the web sites were lawful, the judge asked my clients if they had permission for the web sites ?
I have to add that there is no legally binding office to issue such permission for any web sites activities in Iran, hence there is no prohibition for such activities. there are thousands of web sites who praise or criticize the government and the only thing in common is that none of them have or are bind to have legal requirement to have permission.

F.S: N.S who was present at the first ever court hearing of the members of the campaign activists that was held as an open session:

What do you see as the reason for the change in the policy from closed court sessions to open sessions?

N.S: In fact you must first ask the question from ones responsible for the courts and ask that why until now the court sessions were not open and they did not let anyone in? Hence the Iranian constitution states that all court cases in session should be open to general public, yesterday’s court adhered to the law.

F.S: In accordance with the campaigners tradition every court session is attended by other activists as support and what is important is that some of those supporters are attending court hearing for themselves, what is your opinion?

N.S: I presented the argument in the court as the assembly on March 2, 2006 in front of revolutionary court was that some of activists have been receiving long terms of imprisonment and other charges against them, and more importantly because the judge was not really paying attention to the case, as you are aware it was supposed to be a court hearing for five members of women rights activists (Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani , Parvin Ardalan , Shahla Entesari , Fariba Davoudi Mohajer and Sussan Tahmasebi ) in branch No. 6 of revolutionary court some of their friends and relatives had attended the court .but they were not allowed to enter the building, so they had to stay in front of the court building for the result and then they were arrested all and transferred to the Evin prison.

F.S:would you tell us about the status of Mehri Moshrefi the other activists of campaign who is in prison with her husband ?

N.S: The hearing for Mehrchehreh Moshrefi and her husband Mr Abbas Javadi Doust will take place in January 31 , 2009 in branch 28 of revolutionary court. Mrs Moshrafi and her husband and 2 children were arrested in Behesht e Zahra cemetery on November 2008 and Our latest attempt to meet with our clients was refused and hence we still have no knowledge of the content of the case

F.S: Thank you very much Mrs sotoudeh !

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