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There is No Logical Justification Legally or Generally for the Pressure Which the Activists of the Women’s Movement Are Under

Mansoureh Shojaee’s interview with Nasrin Sotoudeh about her being summoned to the court and other events in recent weeks

Tuesday 10 February 2009, by admin

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Feminist School : January 30 ,2009 was the start of hard time against civil activists specially activists of women movement. It began by arrest of three members of campaign for one million signatures in Bam -e - Tehran area and continued by three other arrest in Shahran area in Tehran . Nasrin Sotoudeh , one of the courageous lawyers of women’s movement ,received a summon hence the interview with Nasrin sotoudeh.

Feminist School : Ms Sotoudeh we were informed that you have received a summon to be present at security court within 3 days . please tell us more about the detail?

Nasrin Sotoudeh : At first I have to thank you for your ad hoc communication and then I have to say I received the summon on February 4,2009 and I have to be at the court within 3 days and it should be for the case ofJune 12 which I was arrested while I was defending my client Mr. Samimi .

F.S: Ms.Sotudeh with a glance to the to the women’s movement calendar in the past week we have faced some violent events against activists .how do you see the process?

N.S: As you are aware Nafiseh Azad (1) and two of her friends were arrested while they were collecting signatures which in fact they didn’t commit any crime because according to the law ,collecting signatures is not a crime .at the same day in another part of Tehran ,Kaveh Mozafari ,Jelveh Javaheri and Nahid Keshavarz were arrested but with people’s support they aware released. at the same time the security forces went to Aliyeh Eghdam Doost home in Fouman and arrest her .Then they issued an official notice for Nahid Keshavarz ,they also issued imprisonment ruling for Mehrchehreh Moshrefi and her husband ,next they entered Nafiseh Azad’s home violently and lastly I received a summon which I have to introduce my self to the security court in 3 days .all these actions show the more pressure on women’s movement , a civil and peaceful movement which started by informing public about the current laws and then the movement continued with the logical steps of announcing its foundation publicly and officially to the parliament that we will be collecting signatures for change.

F.S: By what understanding or logic are these enforcers exerting such violent pressure?

N.S: No legal or general logic can justify such pressure on people who want their rights in peaceful manner hence such tactics will never succeed to stop the activities.

F.S: You are aware that after wining Simone de Beauvoir prize by the Iranian women of one million signatures has brought a lot of attention in the world by such peaceful and civil movement and has encouraged all our members. Do you think that the recent violent attacks on women’s movement is a retaliation to our success?

N.S: As you know to be honoured by such prizes is a portrayal of solidarity by the public internationally with the movements in Iran as to why the official line of a government is to try to go against the international opinion is a question that one should ask the government.

F.S: What is apparent that such prizes shows support and solidarity with the women’s movement and it is natural that such support and solidarity will become much more stronger.
Do you think that similar attacks on the civil movement is connected?

N.S :Certainly such pressure is not sudden and without connection with the rest of the movement.

(1):Nafiseh Azad was released on Wednesday February 4, 2009 after spending six days in detention .

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