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About Imprisoned Member of Women’s Movement ;Aliyeh Eghdam Doust

Saturday 14 February 2009, by admin

Feminist School :Aliyeh Eghdam Doust imprisoned for participating in a peaceful demonstration at Haft e Tir square on June 12 ,2006.the peaceful gathering unanimously voiced condemnation of the entire discriminatory laws against women ; hence no reply has been given to demands. As a result that year in accordance with the resolution women gather again and will voice their demands including cancellation of polygamy, cancellation of one sided right to divorce, men’s only right to guardianship of the child, should be equally shared, equal right in marriage i.e. no conditions for work whether married or single. Change the age of consent for girls to 18, equal right as wideness in the court of law and women announce many other laws that have to change . the gathering stopped by the security forces and ended up with innocent people being bitten up and many arrested in Haft e Tir square, they arrestees were eventually freed but some have heavy sentences.Aliyeh is one of those who were participated in Haft e Tir sq.

Aliyeh has been charged with 3 years and 4 month imprisonment and 10 lashes the court of appeal has reduced her sentence to 3 years. During the proceedings Aliyeh was arrested from her parents home in Fouman and taken to the Evin prison in Tehran. Aliye is 57 years old and has masters in Persian literature and has many years been teacher in the education ministry which was sacked after the revolution. During the years of 1983 to 1989 Aliyeh was imprisoned as a result of her contacts with a political organisation , one of her brothers , Mohammad Taghi Eghdam Doust , who was a political prisoner was shut by the firing squad in prison in Rasht during the reign of the Shah. Aliyeh has no children and was divorced by her husband as an absentee claimant . Aliyeh has lost both her parents and has no next of keen to assist her in this turbulent times .

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