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Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani’s interveiw with Simin Behbahani about Recent Attacks on Shirin Ebadi

Translated by:Sahar Mofakham

Friday 20 February 2009, by admin

Feminist School :"The year that I was born, was when Shirin Ebadi became the first women judge in Iran ,in order to demand and write for women rights as a judge .when I didn’t know any thing about freedom of speech I read courageous poems of Simin Behbahani and understood that how literature can join life and social pains. I was pre_school when Mehrangiz Kar was writing for the newspapers..."

I had written above sentences at the beginning of campaign when women movements was on the peak of success.but today in the world of frantic and filled with violence, with tearful eyes from the cruelty and with great difficulty and suffering, we leave behind the spring of our movement. I know that this epoch will pass and once more we will have our apogee and our ascendancy. My only sorrow is that the three companions who have taught us how to struggle, one of them on the other side of the waters and the other with the frail eyes can read her own verses and this one, always there providing asylum for the refugees like us women. Today exposed to harassment and violence from her own countrymen . My heart is filled with sorrow because the three that we have praised each one are the symbols of our struggle who are afflicted with such difficulty.My heart is filled with sorrow but when I see Shirin Ebadi ’’the indelible pillar of women’s movement’’ courageously standing alone in front of these storms, I feel hopeful.she teaches us new points by her struggles.I hope Shirin Ebadi pullover the cold seasons because of us and with our help.with the hope that Simin Behbahani , with the reluctance of decreasing of the radiance of her eyes, still fights injustice with her poems. My hope is Shirin Ebadi and Simin Behbahani with all their might have moved to the forefront of the struggle and have stepped forward to wipe off the parliaments Bill on the Family law, us women can unite and step forward to stand against the blowing winds.

hence, I interviewed Simin Behbahani ,who was worried for her old friend ,Shirin Ebadi:

Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani :Mrs Behbahani as you know well ,the defenders of human rights office was sealed and unfortunately violent attacks started against Mrs Shirin Ebadi. Would you please elaborate on this issue and also perhaps explain why Shirin Ebadi is being continuously harassed and attacked?

Simin Behbahani :I’m deeply hurt and sorry for what has taken place. For some time I felt there were some logical activities on the horizon but now I see many thing are against logic and right thoughts and sometimes even obstinacy. I have participated in the general meetings of ’ the defenders of human rights office’ and I have never heard any topic of discussion that would be considered against national security or rebellious thoughts .the day that the office was sealed I was getting ready to be there for the human rights declaration anniversary.Mansoureh Shojaee called to let me know what had happened. I was surprised and couldn’t believe that why they have to carry out such a violent act against the activities of the defenders of human rights office and Shirin Ebadi which are to the benefit of the citizens and the country. Human rights activities are beneficial and the whole world knows that, the governments are not able to make the right decision on their own hence such organizations can help governments. I think shutting down such organization are not beneficial for the country.

N.A:Mrs Behbahani as you know some Basiji’s gathered in front of Mrs Ebadi’s home and while using strange slogans and accused her as a war supporter !!what is your opinion on such actions?

S.B: Frankly ;Mrs Ebadi is the pride of Iranian women, she received a Nobel prize for her work and dedication, she has given her best in recent years to defend human rights . she accepted so many cases such as serial political murders , students and women activists and other cases .she defends them all and follows their judicial fate . so I think she should be thanked for her activities . I don’t know why some people went there and wrote some irrelevant slogans on the walls! Shirin Ebadi is a logical and knowledgeable and approachable person. She defends peace and is answerable for her activities hence if someone has any concerns regarding what she says or does then all they need to do is ask. There was no need to write slogans on the walls.

N.A: those who demonstrated in front of Mrs. Ebadi’s home using this slogan:"Ebadi Supports,Israel slaughters"as you know well about her activities . please tell us your idea ?

S.B: in my opinion this slogan was formed to make rhyme ! and it doesn’t have substance .all of us know Mrs. Ebadi very well ,who is always peace defender and anti violence .all of us and defenders of human rights are against war , violence and inequality regardless of the kind of war it is .as long as the world can continue with peace and dialogue there is no need for war .the problem is terrorism which is expanded and will not destroyed by these kind of wars .war may have some rules but terrorism obey no laws .

N.A: thank you very much Mrs. Behbahani

Source in Persian :http://femschool.info/spip.php?article1949

Photo :Arash Ashoori Nia

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