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International Women’s Day with the Campaign Activists in Different Cities

Translated by:Sahar Mofakham

Saturday 14 March 2009, by admin

Feminist School : Different groups of campaign for one million signatures had organised special programs in their cities for international women’s day. For instance some held open meetings,conferences and seminars in Isfahan ,Kermanshah, Sanandaj and Rasht and mountain hiking in Tabriz.

Website of campaign for one million signatures in Yazd was established

Activists in the city of Yazd started Campaign’s web site, although the activists of yazd had joined the campaign in the first year of its activity, they have their own website as this year honour of March 8th their new web site became operational.
for more information about their activities see: http://equality4yazd.blogspot.com/

honoring International women’s day in Kermanshah

The campaign activists in Kermanshah held a panel in honor of March 8th with the topic of"pathology in women’s issues "
the panel was held in Kermanshah’s office for strengthening unity (Tahkim e Vahdat)

participants viewed the meeting and the issue as positive.

March 8th in Tabriz

focus on Iranian women website reports :the international women’s day program was held in March 8,2009 in the historical entertainment center of Einali in Tabriz.

women activists honor the March 8th with presenting poems and articles and approved on their common goals to achieve judicial equality .

further more ,they answered the participants questions about campaign .then the campaigners collected signatures while they climbing the mountains.

activists in Azerbaijan published a special edition for international women’s day.

also March 8th programs in honor of International women’s day in Sahand and Azad Universities in Tabriz was cancelled by university officials.

open meeting in Isfahan

web site of campaign in Isfahan reports: an open meeting was held in Isfahan for two days ,participants were activists from different campaign’s groups from different cities .the first day topic was "cities report"and on the second day participants duscussed about the campaign’s present structure and collective comunication pathology .

March 8th beside Zayandeh Roud

march 8th honoring ceremony was held beside Zayandeh Roud (River) participants were from Tehran,Rasht,Amol,Kermanshah and Samirom.
they discussed about three important issues :campaign structure , violance and the programs for the next six months.

honoring March 8th in Rasht

A group of men and women in Rasht gathered in one of the jungles around the city to honor international women’s day .participants were around 60 of equality rights defenders .a free discussion about difficulties of discriminatory laws was held.

Another program was held in the office for strengthening unity (Tahkim e Vahdat)in Rasht .Shahla Entesari ,Amir Yaghoubali and one of the members of committee against violance in Kordestan.The meeting began with speeches which was followed by question and answers session.

International women’s day in Sanandaj

Tens of liberal people in Kurdestan honored Internatioanl women’s day in Amiriyeh park in a special program which was called ’women solidarity camp-Sanandaj"

Kurdish activists were arrested in Kurdistan

On the threshold of March 8th a women rights activists was arrested in Javanroud city.

Farzaneh Mohammadi was arrested in her home and transffered to prison .

Prior to this she had been sentenced to 9 months of imprisonment for propaganda against the state by writing articles and reports in branch no.1 of Kermanshah revolutionary court and she had released on bail then .also two other activists were arrested while they were contributing declaration of March 8th .

Source in Persian:http://www.femschool.info/spip.php?article2268

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