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Women Put Forward Their Demands for the Coming Presidential Election

Tuesday 28 April 2009, by admin

During a News Conference in Tehran:‎ - 2009.04.26

The news committee of the Seminar on the Election Demands of the Women’s Movement held a ‎meeting in Tehran on Friday. While not specifically naming any particular person for the upcoming ‎presidential election in Iran, participating women listed their demands from the future president, ‎specifically requesting that Iran to join the international convention against discrimination of women, and ‎an unconditional review of discriminatory laws in Iran, while calling for gender equality. Iran’s Nobel ‎Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi (on teleconference), Simin Behbahani, Aazam Taleghani, Shahla ‎Lahiji, Elaheh Koolayi, Farzaneh Taheri and Shahla Ezazi spoke at the gathering presenting their views ‎and demands.‎

The meeting ended with an official communiqué that was signed by more than 100 individuals ‎involved in the women’s movement. The communiqué describes the purpose of the meeting in these ‎words: “We have decided that in order to attain some of our demands and those of the women of Iran, we ‎need to form a new coalition. The purpose of the coalition is strictly the presentation of women’s ‎demands and not the specific support or not support of any presidential candidate.†‎

These demands are worded as such: “We request presidential candidates to seriously pursue ‎two of our basic demands which are adherence to the international convention on ending any ‎discrimination against women, and efforts to remove discriminatory gender laws against women in ‎Iran, and a review and correction of articles 19, 20, 21 and 115 of the constitution of Iran in order to ‎include the principle of unconditional gender equality in them.†‎

The communiqué mentioned the means to accomplish these ends by: “any possible means based on ‎the potentials and available means at three levels: the public, social, civil society and the candidates.†‎The organizers also express their hope that they can mobilize their forces to demand the attainment of ‎these two goals at the social level and among state authorities.‎

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