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Jelveh Javaheri’s Imprisonment Continues

Sunday 31 May 2009, by admin

Jelveh Javaheri has been officially charges after one month of imprisonment

Feminist School :Jelveh Javaheri a campaign activist was taken to revolutionary court for hearing from Evin prison .Mina Jafari one of her lawyers who was present to represent her client but was not allowed to enter the court session.

Mina Jafari reported that Jelveh Javaheri has stated that she has been officially charged for acting against national security by being member of campaign for one million signatures and collusion to endanger the national security. Those charges have been denied by Jelveh Javaheri. Ms Jafari added: the last defence was heard from my client and after being officially charged my client was returned to Evin prison.

Even though Jelveh ’s mother had taken her daughter’s complaint to Mr. Shahroudi’s office (The office of Judiciary) they refused to accept it because it didn’t have Evin’s official stamp and did not carry any formal signature from the officials of the Evin prison.

Kaveh Mozafari’s Parents also had taken their son’s complaint to Mr. Avayi , the head of Tehran province judicial, but they were told that they can participate in judicial ministry open meeting next week hence complaint was not accepted.

End my Illegal Arrest :

Jelveh Javaheri’s complain letter to head of judicial:

I Jelveh Javaheri daughter of Manouchehr . was arrested illegally as no customary arrest warrant was produced on may 2,2009 and I’m still in detention and not charged .At midnight of May 1,2009 when I arrived home I faced security officials who entered my home with my husband who was arrested in the same day in Laleh park.

My husband objected that the officials have no warrant to search our home and mentioned it as illegal and when I questioned the reason for them being inside my home they replied by saying "It is none of your business". The officials confiscated my personal belongings as well as my husband’s possessions. When I objected to their actions and the arrested my husband, hence they knew this as their own right to confiscate his things whiteout any orders, they are not allowed to confiscated my personal possessions. They answered that i didn’t have any right to complain and they knew their limits.

After searching our home officials asked me to go with them to be questioned. I requested that they have to show me a summons from the court, but instead they forced me violently to leave the home and I was transferred to Vozara detention centre.

It was around 3 A.M on 2nd of May 2009 that I was forcefully taken to Vozara detention centre with no evidence of an arrest warrant for. The evening I along with 16 other women arrestees were sent to Evin prison . I have been in solitary confinement in ward 305 for 16 days.and then transferred to general women’s ward.

All these time I have not been officially charged,I have been objecting to my illegal arrest and objected to illegal interrogation and the interrogators have no idea about the reason of my arrest and promise to follow the case but since then nothing happen and my situation is unclear.

My last interrogation was on May 14 , 2009 and I was informed that my case would be sent to the court but my situation is still unclear.

According to citizen’s charter, it is every citizen’s and the accused right to known the cause of the accusation or charge. After the announcement of the charge the accused is questioned on the nature of the crime committed, the proofs, and the evidence available and hence the charges are either distinctive which means they would be punished by being detained for a short time and or the lesser punishment if there is not enough evidence, is a caution by the judge. Innocent until proven guilty!

How is it that I have received the harshest of punishment without any evidence or proof. Hence I demand to be released and put an end to this illegal arrest.

Jelveh Javaheri

May 24,2009

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