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Enthusiasm of Women’s Coalition in the Streets

Friday 12 June 2009, by admin

Feminist School :the coalition demands has been seen in the streets this time . women’ s movement activists told people that they will vote for women’s demands . these activists have given the coalition booklets to the people . booklets have to specify demands of the women from future president . first re- joining of the convention of the elimination of all forms of discriminatory against the women (CEDAW) and eliminate discriminatory laws against women , specifically articles 19,20,21 and 115 of the constitution .

women’s movement activists used the electoral environment up to the end of legal time for advertisement and distribute the women’s demands booklets in parks , streets and candidates seminars and talk about their demands with people face to face .

cold shoulder by Ahamdi Nejad’s supporters

Zhila Bani Yaghoub , journalist and member of the focus on Iranian women, who has been distributed the handouts during the last month said : people generally treat us with respect and some took our leaflets and even asked questions.

she believed that the behaviour of candidates supporter are different and their behaviour relates to their ideology, she added :ahmadi nejad’s supporters , men or women , behave in an unfriendly manner and claim that they knew all about our demands and they are not interested to read our papers or leaflets. Instead mousavi’s supporters who are not organized and most of them act spontaneously behave good and want to help us. she went on to say: The police didn’t make any problem for us , fortunately their behaviour has changed immensely.
Roozbeh Mircharkhchian , member of Meydan, have distributed the leaflets whilst he was getting stuck in the traffic jam .He noted women accepted the papers but some men did not and when we describe about women demands they were more forthcoming.

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