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Martyr Sister! I will Get your Vote Back!

Saturday 27 June 2009, by admin

Feminist School:The reports received state that Saturday 13th of June Tehran university dormitory (kooy e daneshgah) was attacked in response to people’s objections to the vote rigging during the election.
The attack took place at night and 5 students were killed as a result, 2 of the students killed have been identified as Mina Ehterami and Fatemeh Barati.

Reports including Fatemeh Rajabpour and her daughter killed in the recent events also specify, Parisa Koli ,25 ,graduated in literacy, also killed as a result of a shot to her neck in Keshavarz Avenue she was buried on Tuesday.

Also Fahimeh Salahshour a graduate died as a result receiving a knock on the head with a baton by the security forces on June 15,she was buried 2 days later.

Reports from Kermansha states that student Fatemeh Rajabpour has also been killed.

Neda Agha Soltan was also killed during the clashes in Tehran Amir Abad area on Saturaday June 20, Neda was born in 1982 and killed in 2009.

Shiva Nazar Ahari, student and Human right activist, and Mahsa Amr Abadi ,a journalist, Somayeh Tohidlou and Elaheh Imanian, students ,and Zahra Tohidi, a student with star (form of identification by the regime to prevent from studying) ,still under arrest.

Zhila Bani Yaghoub and her husband Bahman Ahmadi Amouie, journalists, are still under arrest.Both were arrested from their home at night.

Other reports provided the news on Farnaz Kamali and Maryam Ameri from presidential candidate Mr Karoubi election headquarters were arrested. Farnaz Kamali was released after two days on bail in the amount of $100.000 and Maryam Ameri was released on bail on July 1st.

In Tabriz some women members of Mr Mousavie’s election headquarters who were attending a vigil for the ones killed were arrested in front Tooba’s mosque.

From Mazenderan province students Marjan Fayazi and Sogand Alikhah are still under arrest.

Maryam Zolfaghar IRNA’s news agency journalist Sarah Mahboubi member of University student union have also been arrested.

Reports state that Homa Rousta and Mahtab Nasirpour , two well-known Iranian actresses, were arrested and it is said they were released after few days .

More women who were arrested during two weeks demonstrations are :

Akram Kabiri - housewife - married

Batoul Ghorbanzadeh - graphic designer-single

Zahra Sadeghzadeh - housewife- married

Zeynab Karimi biuk - housewife- married

Sara Ranjbari - university student - married

Somayeh Laghayi - university student - single

Sousan Aleagha - university student - single

Sedighe Golshan Lofti - accountant - single

Atefeh Nasiri - bookseller - single

Fatemeh Khajeh Nasiri - student university - single

Farzaneh Ranjbari - housewife- married

Fahimeh Ramezani Afshar - worker - married

Leyla Salmanipour - clothes designer - single

Marzieh Bahrami Kooshki- bookseller- single

Maryam Mohammadi - university student - married

Mahtab Ajoudani - housewife- married

A poem for Iran: "The Marchers Turn Green"

in memory of Neda and her friends (1)

by Majid Naficy


Like the sprouts of wheat

Which must grow green,

The marchers turn green. (2)

They have green ballots in their hands

And red passion in their veins,

Oblivious to death

Who is wearing a dirty turban

And a long dark robe.

"This land belongs to us

Not to the men in turbans

Or any supreme leader,

And the proof is in our votes."

The marchers turn green

With a telling silence in their lips

And an echo of freedom in their ears.

They are fearless of death

Who is wearing a paper helmet

And a wooden dagger.

"This land belongs to us

Not to the men with daggers,

And the wound of a sword

Cannot sever our united hands

From the skirt of our motherland."

The marchers turn green

With the branches of cypress in their hands

And a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

The young Rakhsh horses neigh (3)

And immortal Symorgh flies (4)

From mount Alborz toward them.

"This land belongs to us

And we’ll take it back

Not with bullets or grenades

But by counting our ballots."

June, 25, 2009


1. Neda Agha-Soltan was a student of philosophy killed by the government
forces on a mass demonstration against the rigged presidential election
in Tehran on June 20, 2009. Her first name means "call" or "echo"
referred to in this poem as "an echo of freedom" in the second stanza.

2. Green is the color of the June uprising against the rigged election
and represents the non-violent nature of this movement.

3. Rakhsh is the horse of the mythological Iranian, hero, Rostam.

4. Symorgh is the name of a mythological bird helping Rostam in some of
his battles. She raises Rostam’s father in Mt. Alborz.

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