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3rd Announcement, The Mourning Mothers of Iran

Thursday 16 July 2009, by admin

With the strong support of mothers and young women, our second silent
gathering to mourn the loss of our children in the recent demonstrations in
Iran, was successfully convened in four major parks in Tehran (Laleh,
Andisheh, Mellat and Goftegoo) on July 3rd 2009.

The security forces were present with vans to arrest and transport the
mourning mothers to the detention centers. The mourning mothers dressed in black stayed in the parks till 8 p.m. despite the heavy presence of policeand security forces. The mourning mothers’ silent gathering conveyed astrong message of solidarity and mourning to the public.

All of the mothers and young women arrested on July 3rd 2009 were released upon persistent follow-ups by the mourning mothers. Zeinab Peyghambarzadeh,one of the young women in our group, was illegally arrested for a day and then released.

Mourning Mothers of Iran are law-abiding citizens and will continue their
civil rights struggles till the release of all their children and
prosecution of all those responsible for the killings of innocent youth
during the recent demonstrations.

We will gather every Saturday in the above-mentioned parks in Tehran.

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