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Seven Women: Temporary Detainees after Months of Imprisonment and Their Undecided Situation

Monday 12 October 2009, by admin

Feminist School : Events of post presidential election in Iran, and the peaceful objection of millions of Iranian men and women to the election result which many are sentenced to imprisonment for demanding their rights, among the imprisoned, we know some of them because of their previous social activities or their vibrant presence in the recent objections.

Seven Equality Defenders in Prison

Azar Mansouri , Hengameh Shahidi ,Fariba Pajouh , Atefeh Nabavi , Kobra Zaghedoust and zahra Jabari were arrested after the election.and Shabnam Madadzadeh who had been arrested some months before the election are still kept in Evin prison .these six young women’s case are unclear and they are known as "temporary detainees".Women such Aliyeh Eghdamdoust , Zeynab Bayazidi and Ronak Safarzadeh have been in prison since last year. they are just serving their sentence.

- Azar Mansouri is one of the active women and change defenders who was arrested on June 21 and transferred to Evin prison

Azar Mansouri , deputy of Islamic Iran Participation Front, was arrested as well as other main members of this party. According to Norouz Website report she is in Evin prison ward no.209 in solitary confinement . she called her home after 10 days and spoke with her sister and mother .
she lives in Varamin she was arrested while she was on her way home . her home was searched and her computer and some of her personal belongings were confiscated.

- Fariba Pajouh , journalist and blogger, was arrested in her father’s home on July 22 by intelligence service officials

Her own home and then her father’s home were searched and her personal computer was confiscated . since then she has called home three times and was given a short time to converse.

Fariba used to be a journalist for Etemad e Melli newspaper and ILNA news agency and also a member of International journalists federation. she is kept in Evin prison in a solitary confinement .her family are very concerned .

- Hengameh Shahidi a journalist and member of Etemad Melli and member of Mehdi Karoubi’s election committee was arrested on June 30 and is still in Evin prison

Hengameh’s mental health is getting worst and according to her inmates she does take medication in great amounts to calm hers nerves, she is unable to sleep. During the presidential election Hengame who is a PHD student at SOAS university in London in Human Rights was also active on the women’s issues, she is allowed to go in to the prison yard only 3 times a week and only for 20 minutes, which creates more complication in terms of her depression.

- Atefeh Nabavi was arrested on June 15 with her cousin Ziaeddin Nabavi , spokesman of the defenders of education rights committee , and some of their friends and transferred to Evin prison ward no. 209

Atefeh Nabavi has been transferred to the quarantine ward of Evin prison, otherwise known as the ’addicts ward’ since last Saturday . Her situation is unclear although she has spent more than 105 days in prison in a state of limbo. According to her lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, Atefeh’s case has been referred to revolutionary court but the judge has been on holiday for three weeks. Atefeh has been interrogated on numerous occasion whilst in prison and since she had worked with the committee in defence of education right, she has been accused of working with Mujahedeen Khalgh group. Even under pressure this is one charge or accusation that she has denied. Her family are concerned for their daughter’s situation, after 105 days in prison, her family has been unable to get any answers from the courts. Her letter was published by Human rights reporters.

- Shabnam Madadzadeh , deputy of general secretary of Tahkim Vahdat ( Student organization)was arrested on February 22 .she has spent more than 7 months in prison

70 days of her time in detention have been spent in solitary confinement . The courts did issue a bail price but the security forces have ignored the ruling and she is not allowed to make bail. She has been quarantined with some other inmates in Evin prison ward known as the the addicts ward. Her recent letter was published in human rights reporters committee.

- Kobra Zaghedoust and her husband , Ashkan Eskandari who had been arrested in behesht e Zahra cemetery for special ceremony in honour of martyrs . Both are still in prison and their situation is unclear

It is said that Ashkan Eskandari was protesting with slogans against Ahmadinejad, and was bitten up badly and whilst in prison he was transferred to Taleghani hospital because his injuries. He and his wife have been in solitary confinement since then.

- Zahra Jabbari who had been arrested violently in Qods day in Tehran was transferred to a solitary confinement in ward no. 209 of Evin prison

Her toe nail was broken whilst being arrested. According to her family, she has been on hunger strike for more than 5 days.


Source in Persian : http://www.femschool.ws/spip.php?article3334

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