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A Humble Request for all Iranian Women/Shahla Lahiji

Friday 23 October 2009, by admin

Feminist School: The women in our country are again witnessing crisis at a large scale. It is the women that are at the end of the limitless violence of recent times, directly or indirectly, through witnessing violence against their loved ones.

Our society is witnessing the large scope of raw violence, as large as Iran, violence that has its roots in our socio political and cultural relationship. We have to admit that this violence did not appear over night, it has been an ongoing process for years that has been responded by silence. At this juncture the whole society is questioning and is presenting a challenge, by asking, why and what is the cause and justification for such violence to be received by our boys and girls, why they have lost their lives or are imprisoned?

It is claimed that “the second generation of Iranian immigrants†more than any other time will be proud of its nation and nationality and will keep their heads high in front of other nations but us women know very well, that with recent violence, no one can be proud, because this violence did not come from outer space but it came from within our society.

The women of our country ask in amazement on the causes of such raw and violent reaction, as to where it fits within our countries history that has been known for its humane interactions. Without a doubt that such a tragedy will lay on the door step of those responsible but are we, the people, without any faults? Is it partly because of our silence against such violence and inhumane reactions? We are a nation that in the past have remained passive against violence, are we not the nation that in the past have justified by silence to any kind of power struggle or conflict or war by calling them (war of civilisations, war of ancestors, and war of ideologies).

We are a nation that have been against our enemies or competitors (foreigners, governments and opposition) to the extent of physical elimination and have used hierarchy as the means to justify our aims and have disguised it under our own ideology or our own specific way of doing things or our tradition?

We are a nation, when, violence against our own in our houses was covered by keeping it in the family, must have known that one day all these will happen in the streets and we should not have kept quiet then, we should have known that the hierarchy which considers itself the owner of the country and our children will with ease turn violent against its citizens and will consider it lawful.

We are the nation that aimed to end injustice of any kind by the revolution, and with our passivity, if not guilty but an accessory to what goes on.

But we women of this country all these years have, either as a mother, a daughter or a sister or a wife, have felt and experienced the violence, are also sensing and feeling the grave disaster that might be on the its way, that would leave its deep scares on the generations to come. Hence as a result we believe that the violence in its vulgar form, physical and verbal violence should be discussed and examined, and have a political position against, hence because of this we have decided to be the voice to air against violence in its purest form, we have learned from our sisters in the world, a society that learns and stops violence against women, no doubt will rein on different form of violence.

It is clear and obvious that the first step is to unite for the release all prisoners that have recently been imprisoned, so we must form the women’s coalition that will come out strongly against violence. Perhaps this “Women’s Power†can guide and create that forum to assist in the reparation of our society. The recent incidents proved to us that how much peaceful protest has a place, for this great and lawful nation to demand its rights and be treated with such violence, it is outside the remits of the law’s of behaviour.

Source in Persian;http://www.femschool.ws/spip.php?article3313

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