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Green movement: Transitioning from dialogue (Just or Unjust)/Noushin Ahamdi Khorasani

Thursday 18 February 2010, by admin

Feminist School:The days, before the returning of the dead from the front lines, my generation was proclaiming that we can over come and push back the heavy burden of sorrow and we can once more stand tall and say ‘we women have rights’ even though the sense of the unpleasant effects of revolution and the unjust war and the blood spill was apparent.

A passage through the violent revolution and inheriting the 8 year war, by our mournful society, the new generation, had just begun and hence it could not base its life on scarifies and death and in conclusion despite the broken hearts of the survivors, the ones who saw and felt the violence towards the political movements (revolution & war), my generation closed its eyes against all that violence and hate and revenge, and chose life instead and with the hope of building a future for itself.

My generation stood against the shadow of death and violence, even though a cruel act in the eyes of the survivors, by denouncing the past and stating that ‘it is enough and I want to start from afresh and unlike you, we can not call for revenge for the mass graves and hatred towards the tyrant’. My generation professed, all the killings and inhumane hanging has happened but ‘we can start again in the name life’ even though, was ashamed of its hard hearted announcement, understood that in an angry political environment and the multi polar (just and unjust) vision, which is the outcome of ideological movements and violence, hidden in our culture, we can not even put a step forwards towards an adjudication of the victims of the violence and those who were hanged unjustly. It was with this mind that my generation in the women’s movement proclaimed: we can not choose between just and unjust in the same frame work, we will start and for start we have to draw the black and white curtains aside and entre the valley of the multi colour rainbow.

Times have changed

From then on, years have gone by and today with magnitude of violence after the 10th presidential election our generation, like the ones before us, has witnessed the naked violence of multi polarity. This time the biography of the events that had been passed on to us, once again became a reality for our generation and felt it with the loss of lives in the hidden prisons. The myth of violent bloodshed once again with the slogan of ‘elimination of the other’ came out screaming from the cave of our political culture and robbed the lives of youth in our country. Now my generation, who prescribed the alternative for the last generation, is wandering with all that has happened to our generation, what needs to be done?

We are in the vicious circle of contradictions, seems we have split in 2, one part is saying go to the battle and punch the enemy in the face and the other part is saying be hesitant and be patience and we can overcome and start again. The part with the backing of political culture, derived from ideology is angry with us and reminds us of the bloodied face of Neda Agha Soltan, the innocent face of Tarane Musavi , Sohrab Arabi with all the dreams of youth, Amir Javadifar, Mohsen Rohalamin, yes with every drop of blood on earth from our youth a rose has grown and yes the final struggle, is the historical struggle between just and unjust.

But naked logic tells us that violent struggle as an end result, will not be beneficial to anyone. This dangerous game will only have one winner ‘the one with the power’. But the heart is dictating us that ‘life is war and life should be prepared to fight’ to wait and do nothing is not a remedy, stand up and be counted for revenge, once and for all.
But reason screams with all its might and asks all this commotion! What is it for? For civil demands (where is my vote?) since when suppression against civil demands, and justice, is something new? Since when imprisoning 4000 people for objecting against the election is something new? In the same breath, didn’t the detention and same magnitude of violence in 1989 take place? With all this, did our peaceful struggle come to an end?

Have they not, treated the women with the same magnitude? Didn’t they detain women who were collecting signatures or for being members of One million signatures campaign and accused us of propagating velvet revolution? For years we have been insulted and judged for the way we dress, by objecting against the coop de tat, the women were not even safe in their homes, we proved to the world that women’s movement of Iran is a peaceful and anti violence movement and we have to be patient and civil.

Perhaps we can choose another road and overcome the tragedy that is upon us, by tolerance and not by total annihilation of the forces that are or have caused the tragedy. Such thinking if it really would be a possibility, then our women’s movement can pursue it aims forward for equality with the vast Green populous, in struggle for democracy.

I reminisced, in order to say, if we have all decided to go towards democracy and equality, it is absolutely necessary to overcome the old traditions and ideologies, in particular to end the monistic culture (even when we are being suppressed) and not put all our eggs in the basket of politics and governmental religion. Hence all of us, the Iranians can help one another to reach our democratic objective, peacefully and non violent, and through processes we can institutionalise them.

Source in Persian:http://www.iranfemschool.org/spip.php?article3441

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