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A letter From number of activists from women’s movement To Mr Mousavi and Karoubi.

Wednesday 3 March 2010, by admin

Number of women activists in the letter to Mousavi and Karoubi reminded them not to forget women’s demands whilst enquiring on Iranian people’s rights.

Complete letter:

The 10th presidential election in Iran, as you are aware was not only news worthy of its sad and unfortunate eventualities but also for all social and civil activists was an apparent show of political and civil maturity of the people, who were able to put forward their demands by becoming socially active to make the politicians and world to hear their demands.

At the threshold of the presidential election in your campaign promises were made on indisputable rights of women which during the last 30 years have been conveniently ignored. Even though the campaign promises covered a minute part of our demands made for women’s rights, however after the election and the events that followed, all those campaign promises in your recent statements and interviews in pursuing people’s demands, women’s demands on their indisputable rights have been forgotten, and yet women of this country, have played a large and measurable role in the green party and pursuing the plundered rights of the people of Iran by being on the front line of the green movement equally with men and even paid a greater price.

Even though you have number of times stated that people are the real leaders of protest movement which in fact it is true but what people were demanding and pursuing such as an end to discrimination and demanding freedom and equality which again you have voiced in the past, we do not consider anything has changed in terms of your responsibility that you promised.

Do not forget that the women in Iran because of their demands and your reformist campaign promises voted for you two and those demands are the bases of the green movement and their expectation is that their demands are pursued on the same par as other political and social issues.

Historical events such as the constitutional movement and the 1979 revolution have shown that women’s right have been in the shadow of so called other larger issues and at the end women have been ignored and endured even greater discriminations.
But now Iranian women with gained experience from the results of the 2 historical events will not allow their demands and identity to be side stepped and forgotten by other issues and it is expected of you gentlemen not to stop pursuing Iranian women’s demands whilst pursuing the rights of Iranian people rights and be sure to convey our role in the struggle.

We believe the objective to end discrimination in demands of green movement can be pursued with great magnitude which will increase its credibility internally and on international level.

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