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Statement by ‘Women Solidarity Committee against Social Violence’

Thursday 27 May 2010, by admin

Feminist School :The following statement is a summary of the first declaration of women solidarity committee against social violance which had been issued by women’s rights activists on December 18th 2009:

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With deliberation, spread of violence in the society particularly after the recent incidence has raised many concerns in the country. These concerns amongst women are ever greater because Iranian women have suffered political, social and economical violence for centuries, hence why women are united in standing against violence of any shape or form from any side. From the outset of the recent struggle by people for democracy, women with their populated groups were at the heart of the Green movement and made their presence felt in the street demonstrations with the rest of the participants in the movement and at times took the brunt of the violence from the authorities. Violence that women have been enduring in their social and private lives reinforced itself as a structured political violence, to create equilibrium for the power players to control the mass objections.

Reinforced violence against women by way of implementing more discriminatory policies

Escalation of violence against the legal and peaceful organisations, some in the authority that should defend the rights of these organisations are acting in reverse and are threatening the entities of these democratic organisations.

Escalation in issuing subpoenas, threats, sackings, suspension and depravation from studying and travelling abroad.

Escalation of arrests and violence against detainees and imprisoned

Escalation of discourse of violence in the media in the society

Escalation of violence against free thinkers and nullification of activists from all spheres of the movement

In situation full of violence, women have relied on their experience of different campaigns such as Campaign for one million signatures, Anti stoning campaign and different and diverse organisations such as Human Rights, Peace and Mothers for Peace have strategically worked against violence. Women have realised that violence can always reproduce itself in different domains, starting from political violence then social violence and eventually ends up as family violence; hence women try to educate and define what violence is and how it can be eliminated.

Until the regime does not stop its bipolar values (deserts/futile) (friend/enemy) (good/bad) which makes violence imbedded in physical violence and elimination, will continually reproduce itself in the society as a whole, hence the starting point is to avoid bipolarity of the regimes values.
Violence breads violence and as such women were against violence even

When -the regime was willingly and carelessly using violence to disperse people (street demonstrators).

When – the regime was arresting in vast numbers women where encouraging against a violent reaction by the people.

When – the bereaved mothers instead of mourning where demanding justice by representation and court proceedings

When women came out in support of the prisoners without any exceptions and broke the stereotypical resistance in prisons from individual to human and social.

Eventually the women’s logical interaction and the women’s movement played an active role against violence and brought about a national movement which enforced itself within the Green movement. As such the common cause, the uniting factor between women’s movement and the Green movement is the ‘anti violence’ hence we have formed the ‘women solidarity committee against social violence’ in order to place this common and very important factor structurally into Women and Green movement. We are adamant on our dependency on forces with proven track records and Iranian women’s grit to work towards an open and humane ways of conversing together so we can have that bridge for transfer of information and education. It is our belief that with the potential that women’s movement has in the field of working together democratically and peacefully with Human rights, Peace and women organisations, we can move forward and bring about the diversity that is much needed.

We in the ‘women solidarity committee against social violence’ believe that by transparent public discussions can stop the bipolarisation of the society and the gap between different socio-political groups can be reduced to everyone’s benefit and hence have the ability to begin the process of elimination of violence. It is our belief that the less we converse the chances of transition to democracy of our society would reduce.
It is such that we have gather together to bring about a mass solidarity against violence. It is our intention to expand on the commonalities of all forces and classes in the country, to make sure all and different voices are heard.

‘Women solidarity committee against social violence’ Organisations.

Groups :

The Feminist School

Some Members of Women’s Field

Some Members of Mothers for Peace

Focus on Iranian Women

The Committee of Human Rights Reporters

Some Members of Mourning Mothers

Farasoo Scientific Society

Anil’s Women Group

click here to read the statement and view the individual signatures in Persian

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