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On the First Anniversary of the 12th of June Presidential Election, Still 30 Women are in the Prison

Translated by:Sahar Mofakham

Wednesday 23 June 2010, by admin

Feminist School: After nearly one year past from the June 12th presidential election, the day that took many lives, the day that the Green movement was born.

Women who were killed and many women who were imprisoned, numbers are unknown because of discrepancies in information but with the number of women whom we know are in prison, shows that the numbers are large.

one year has passed from Iranian presidential electoral on June 12th 2009.Number of women in prison have received heavy sentences such as hanging, women such as Shirin Alamhoolie. Heavy sentences for women who are not even in prison but are under imminent threat that will be returned to prisons for serving their full sentences such as 6 years imprisonment and 74 lashes for Sara Tavasoli or the 3 year conditional sentence for Azar Mansouri or 2 years imprisonment as well $300. Fine for Haleh Sahabi.

A court hearing for women who are freed with bail( such as Jila Baniyaghoub, Zohre Tonekaboni and many others) are concerned that they might receive much heavier and increased sentences.

Suspended from studying, otherwise know as students with stars who is also suspended from the university, such as Leyla Sehat, Atefeh Rangriz ,Taha Valizadeh, Shahla Ebrahimi , Astreh Moloudi, Samira Chelani and Maryam Zare’ee .

Suspension from working is another difficulty caused for women by the regime, women such as Narges Mohamadi , Saba Vasefi and Samira sadri ,Who are not allowed to work.

Threatening phone calls to women is also part of the women activists daily life, women such as Saba Vasefi, Zahra Mojaradi who keep receiving threatening phone calls.

Narges Mohammadi ,the deputy of Human Rights Defenders Association,
Arrested from her home after a raid by government security forces

Narges Mohammadi was arrested on June 10th 2010 by security forces raiding her home . Ms Mohammadi has 2 children, who need her full time attention. Narges Mohammadi is a human rights activist, women rights activist , journalist, deputy and spokeswoman of human rights’ defenders association and head of executive committee of Iranian Peace council. she was fired from her job because of her cooperation with the association on December 2009. scientific committee of Italian foundation ’’Alexander Langen’’ has awarded her the international prize of Alexander Langen in 2009.

Azam Veysameh

Azam Veysameh was arrested at midnight of June 10th 2010 by security forces. Transferred directly the notorious Evin prison .
The reason of her arrest is not clear yet , before this she was banned from entering the parliament, she is one of the most experienced parliamentary journalist and has been working for the Parliament news ,the main organ of the reformist MPs. It is common knowledge that her arrest by the government, on the first anniversary of presidential electoral is to exert pressures on the reformist media.

Mahboubeh Khansari was arrested

Mahboubeh Khansari was arrested on June 10th 2010 she has worked for different newspapers such as Kalameh sabz,Ham Mihan,Shargh and also for cultural heritage news agency, reason of her arrest is not clear. Security officials arrested her in her home after inspecting her office and confiscating her computer mobile phone and some of her personal belongings.they had told her family that they would received a call after 48 hours about her whereabouts .she has been working for around 10 years in different newspapers and news agencies.

Sara Mahboubi was Arrested

Sara Mahboubi ,Bahayi student who has been banned from studying, was arrested .Security officials visited her home at June 19 ,2010 to arrest her, however at that time she was not in so they searched her home and confiscated two computers, some books, CDs and personal photos .it is said that her arrest could be, because of her activities for campaigning for students who are banned from studying.

Shirin Firouzi , Akbar Karami’s wife: Arrested

Shirin Firouzi , Dr. Akbar Karami’s wife who has been imprisoned because of her political activities, has been interrogated regarding her husband’s activities. Her husband Dr Karami is infact imprisoned in Qom and has been sentenced to 3 years on alleged charges of propagating against the regime and insult to the leader. It is also known that other charges such as against Dr Karami are in the pipe line.

Hamideh Farajzadeh (Pinar)was arrested on May 25th 2010

Hamideh farajzadeh (pinar)well known Azeri Woman Activist was arrested on May 25th 2010 in Urmia .
According to the reports security officials arrested her while she was leaving her father’s home and then they searched the home and confiscated all her books , CDs and any paper which was written in her own native language. they informed her family that she would be transferred to Tabriz and wouldn’t be released for at least a week. Hamideh Farajzedeh graduated from Iran Medical Science university and is one of the ex- student activists and also a women rights activist.

Shiva Nazarahari Still Waiting for the Courts Decision

Shiva Nazarahari was one of the many who were arrested in a first wave of massive arrest of political and journalist activists. Within 2 days after the election which she was released on bail of $200,000. She is a founding member and spokeswoman of committee of human rights reporters.

She was arrested for the second time last year, whilst on her way to Qom for attending Ayatollah Montazeri’s funeral . Mrs.Kariman , her mother said :they told us that both her cases will be investigated in one court but still no news as yet.

Bahareh Hedayat:Sentenced to nine years and a half years

Bahareh Hedayad , member of central council of Tahkim Vahdat, was sentenced to nine and a half years of imprisoned. she was arrested on the December 30th 2009 after receiving her sentence she has been summoned to the revolutionary court branch no.4 for her previous arrest on July 9th 2007.

Mahboubeh Karami was arrested on March 2nd 2010

On March 2nd 2010 security officials went to Mahboubeh Karami’s home with inspection and arrest warrant, and after inspection her and her brother’s personal belongings were confiscated. Mahboubeh had been under pressure for confessing and interviewing in TV and fortunately after months she has been transferred to the general ward of Evin prison, however her situation is a cause for concern.

Mahdiyeh Golrou

Mahdiyeh Golrou and her husband Vahid Lalipour were arrested on November 3, 2009 in their home and transferred to Evin prison. Her husband who is not a political activists was released last March.
Mahadiyeh Golrou , student activist and a member of education right council was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months imprisonment on April 4th 2010. The judge agreed to her release on bail at the amount of $700,000 but her family can’t afford it. she had been sentenced to 1 year of suspended imprisonment for another case which had been accused for propaganda against the state and interview with foreigners media.

Hengameh Shahidi has been in prison since February 25,2010

Hengameh Shahidi , journalist and social activist , was arrested again on february 25. However she had been arrested after massive protests against election results for the first time and had been released on bail on November 1st 2009. at the amount of $90,000 and after that her 6 years of imprisonment was confirmed by the provisional court and she was sent back to the prison again. she was attacked by an addict prisoner in women’s ward on May 29, 2010.

Laleh Hasanpour still in prison after the payment of $100,000 Bail

Laleh was arrested on March 16,2010 .
According to reports Laleh’s family were told once the bail is paid, she will be released but Laleh is still in prison.

Kobra Zaghedoust was arrested on funeral of martyrs and is still in prison

Kobra is still in prison, even though her lawyers have informed the courts that the alleged accusation by the court is addressed to her husband and not her. Her lawyers have declared that the client has not had any political or social activity and it is unknown why she has been arrested.

Somayeh Ojaghlou was arrested on March 4,2010

Somayeh Ojaghlou, human rights activist, was arrested on March 4,2010 in Isfahan. According to the last news which was published in March, she has called her family just once from an unknown place in Tehran.

Niloufar Hashemi azar , student of Tehran university, was arrested on Ashura ( December 27)

Niloufar was arrested with her mother Shahrzad Nasiri in Ashura her mother released after a while but Niloufar was transferred to Evin prison.

Raziyeh Alami has arrested since March 4,2010

Raziyeh Alami: Once a human rights activists in the past, was arrested on March 4th and accused of propaganda against the state .

Sama Bahmani :

Sama Bahmani , human rights activist,was arrested while she she was on her way to Mahabad in a taxi by security officials then on March 29,2010 sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment for propaganda against the state and being member of Iranian human rights activists . Sama Bahmani from Bandar Abbas was also arrested with her husband and was sentenced to 3 years of suspended prison for trying to prepare some reports about Kurdistan and also in supporting of Farzad Kamangar.

Nafiseh Mojtahedi has been in prison since March

Nafiseh Mojtahedi and her husband , human rights activists, during the mass arrests, they are still in prison in an unclear situation.
They were allowed to speak to their child for a very short time.

Atefeh Nabavi:

Atefeh nabavi was arrested with her cousin Ziaodin Nabavi on June 15,2009 . Atefeh Nabavi was transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison and after 95 days and then transferred to general ward. She was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment.

Sama Nourani

Sama Nourani was arrested on March 3rd 2010 .it was reported on April 8th 2010 that she has been under pressure to accept accusations in TV documenteries.

Zeynab Jalaliyan: sentenced to death

A Kurdish woman activist sentenced to death. Zeynab will remain in Evin prison till the sentence is carried out. According to reports she was under pressure to confess and accept accusations for participating in TV programs. She has refused to false confessions and stated: she has not committed any crimes and she wouldn’t confess.

Rozita Vaseghi in prison

Rozita Vaseghi was arrested on March 15 and it was reported that she was under pressure and then she was transferred to Mashad central prison.

Zahra Jabbari was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment

Zahra Jabbari, 36 married with one child ,was arrested on September 18th 2009 .

Masoumeh Yavari:

Masoumeh Yavari ,House wife, was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in Rajaeeshahr prison. she was accused to Moharebeh (war against god). The prosecutor demanded death penalty for her . she has 2 children, aged 4 and 11 and her husband has been a political prisoners in the 80s.

Maryam Akbari Monfared in prison

Maryam Akbari Monfared is one of the prisoners who were arrested on Ashura December 31 2009, transferred to Evin prison and was accused to Moharebeh (war against god), she was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. She has three children and youngest one is 5.

Parvin Javadzadeh: In prison since Ashura

Parvin Javadzadeh is one of the women prisoners in Evin prison. It is reported that she is in a bad conditions, Javadzaded 22 ,was arrested on Ashura in street and her situation is unclear. she is the youngest prisoner in women’s ward and she has been in solitary confinement for the first three months of her arrest, she was abused physically and mentally according to the news her sentence is muharebeh . her case was sent to branch 15 of revolution court.

Sahar Ghaseminezhad is in prison since February 4,2010

Sahar Ghaseminezhad was arrested on February 4. Security officials arrested her in her own home and confiscated her belongings such as her personal computer, books. Her father was executed in 1980s as a political activist but she has not involved in any political activities

Fatemeh Khoramjou is in prison since January 7

Fatemeh Khoramjou was arrested on January 7 ,2010. she is accused of contact with foreign elements. On May 23 she had a meeting with prosecutor, but no more is news has been forthcoming.

Mahfarid Mansourian environmental activist was arrested

Mahfarid Mansourian was arrested on february 8 2010 in her own home, she was shown an arrest warrant but not specifically for her, her house was searched and belongings were confiscated, Mahfarid is 55 years old and was a political prisoner during the 80s.

Zahra Bahrami one of the Ashura detainees

Zahra bahrami 45 was arrested in Ashura and since then she has been kept in ward no.209. Her family has no news of her situation for some months and as yet they are not allowed to visit her. Zahra Bahrami has dual citizen ship residing in Holand and was visiting he family in Iran.

Ozra Ghazi Mir Saeed is in prison since June 20,2009

she was arrested on June 20 ,and was accused to moharebeh and then sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment . she is in Evin prison

Niloufar Lalipour , poet and journalist was arrested on February 2nd

Lari was in charge of poem page of the Chelcheragh newspaper and mostly have written about religious poems and their roots in ancient Persia. according to her friends she has not had any political activities and she just publicized for Mousavi during the election.

Motahareh Bahrami

Motahareh Bahrami is one of the detainees of Asura who was sentenced to death at first and then her sentence was changed to jail . she was arrested in ashura with her husband and his friend , her son and his friend. she was accused to have relation with Mujaheddin Khalgh organization and her sentence was changed in provisional court but Mohsen and mehdi Daneshvar (her husband and her son) who were arrested with her were sentenced to death.

Reyhaneh Hajebrahim

Reyhane Hajebrahim was arrested with Motahareh bahrami she was sentenced to death at first but after that her verdict was changed to jail.

Aliyeh Eghdamdoost is in prison since January 2008

she was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment because of attending in women assembly against discriminatory laws in June 12,2005 in Hafte Tir sq. she was transferred to Evin prison on January 2008.she was sentenced to solitary confinement because she had read the history of 8th of March in prison for other women.

Ronak Safarzadeh

Ronak Safarzadeh was arrested on 2007 and sentenced to 6 years and 7 months she is in Sanandaj prison .

Shabnam Madadzadeh

Shabnam Madadzadeh in prison since March 2008.
Shabnam was arrested because she was the first deputy in the council of Tahkim Vahdat, Tehran branch. She spend 70 days in solitary confinement, even though the courts have issued her release but the security forces have refused to release her. Shabnam and her brother were both sentenced to 5 years in exile to Rajayishahr.

Zeynab Bayazidi

Zeynab was arrested in the Kurdish city fo Mahabad by the security forces and was sentence to 4 years, she was charged with propagating against the Islamic republic and trying to leave the country illegally.

Sahba Rezvani

Memeber of the Bahaie sect, has been imprisoned for one year and been transferred from Semnan to Tehran. The reports indicate that his health is deteriorating and needs medical attention by independent doctors as the doctors in Evin prison are not treating her properly.

Source in Persian :http://www.feministschool.com/spip.php?article4968

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