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Narges Mohammadi,Women and Human Rights Activist, was Hospitalised after being Released from Prison

Translated by :Sahar Mofakham

Monday 5 July 2010, by admin

Feminist School:Narges Mohammadi,women and human rights activist, was hospitalised after being released from prison on bail on July 3rd due to her poor physical condition.

At the time she was suffering from very severe physical conditions which resulted to her being hospitaised Since her release she has contracted temprorely muscle paralysis where she is unable to speak.

According to her husband, Taghi Rahmani, her physical problem has begun in the prison and continued up to now. Despite several tests, doctors still have not found out the cause of her local paralysis in her muscles, arms and legs.

Mohammadi, who won the international award of “Alexander Langer foundation†in 2009, was arrested on 11th of June. On night of the arrest the security officials entered Narges Mohammadi and Taghi Rahmani’s home and after two hours inspection arrested Narges Mohammadi. They arrested her while her twin children were witnessing her arrest.

Source in Persian :http://www.feministschool.com/spip.php?article5221

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