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No news from Nasrin Sotoudeh. After attending the court hearing in Evin prison

Saturday 4 September 2010, by admin

Feminist School: Nasrin Sotoudeh a defending lawyer , women’s right activist has not returned from attending a court hearing in Evin prison.

Last week Saturday 29th of August 2010 the security forces entered her office and her home at the same time and raided her personal files and belongings and handed a notice of attending a court hearing session based in the notorious Evin prison. Hence Nasrin Sotoudeh attended the court hearing with her lawyer Nasim Ghanvi, which elaborated that, when in the court, Nasim Ghanvi was not allowed to represent her client and was also told that she was not allowed to remain during questioning, hence Nasrin Sotoudeh went to court hearing on her own, as I have no news from her since then.

Reza Khandan, Nasrin’s husband stated that “after hours of waiting for Nasrin I am trying to find out what is happening with Nasrin “I have been told that it not certain whether a warrant for her arrest has been issued or not †Narins lawyer Nasim Ghavni stated that at such times according to the law the court can only issue whether she will be arrested or released on bail†as it stands nothing is certain of this situation. Nasim Ghavni elaborates that they will return tomorrow morning to peruse the matter and find out what the outcome is from the court†.

It has to be siadin 2008 Nasrin Sotoudeh was the award winner of the International Human Rights from Italian NGO The committee for the Intrnational Human Rights, Nasrin Sotoudeh who was one of funding members of the Campaign for one million signatuires and The Coalition of the Iranian Women’s Movement for Viocing their demands in the Election and also had the directorship for the Support of the children and after years of disqualification from practicing as a lawyer was eventually allowed to practice and since then she has been practicing for free and defending the activists of the women’s movement and the abused children under 18. Nasrin has published many papers on women’s issues. Nasrin received her masters from the University of Shahid Beheshti and has 2 children.

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