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Growing concerns for the imprisoned lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

Wednesday 15 September 2010, by admin

Feminist School: Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested after reporting to the special court in Evin prison and since then has been allowed a short phone call with her family. According to Mr Reza Khandan Nasrin’s husband whom elaborated that "the phone call increased our concerns" Nasrin’s lawyer has been unable to speak or visit Nasrin as pressure and intimidation on her husband and lawyer has been applied. Reza khandan has also been called to report to court to clarify issues on his first report this Saturday and also because the authorities have confiscated belongings from their home has made it difficult for Reza to continue with his job as well as the burden of looking after the two children without his wife. Reza has sent a letter of appeal to free his wife to the justice ministry.

Nasrin Sotoudeh also was arrested in 2008 with 8 other activists outside of the Rahe Abrisham Gallery just prior to a small, peaceful assembly planned to commemorate June 12th, the day that has been chosen by Iranian women’s rights activists as their national day of solidarity to object harmful actions which attempt to silence Iranian women. She was released after one day.

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