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Condolences from Feminist school: Nasrin Sotoudeh’s father passed away whilst his daughter was in prison.

Monday 27 September 2010, by admin

Dear Nasrin Sotoudeh our thoughts are with you

Feminist school’s activists pay respect to Nasrin Sotoudeh and her family on the death of her beloved father:

Nasrin a kind and responsible lawyer who has shown on many occasion her support to the women’s movement activists on humanitarian grounds and in defence of human rights has been in prison for the last three weeks. Nasrin has defended he clients regardless of their political beliefs. Whilst Nasrin has been in prison, her elderly father who has died in the hospital. We the friends and clients from the Feminist school are paying homage and deepest sympathy to Nasrin and her respectful husband Reza Khandan and their children Mehraveh and Nima in their mournful hours and wish that Nasrin will be freed from prison to mourn her father in private.

Regardless of Nasrin lawyers tireless efforts to persuade the justice ministry to allow Nasrin to attend her father’s burial (which was 2 days ago) was denied. According to press service Kalame ‘Nasrin was denied to attend the burial ceremony of her father even though the ministry had issued a condition of bail’

Nasrin Sotoudeh the lawyer of many activists was arrested whilst attending a court session for herself and was sent directly to solitary confinement, the security forces confisicated many of her and husband’s and the belongings of their 3 and 10 year old children. The justice ministry issued her arrest warrant whilst there was no evidence of any wrong doing; Nasrin has represented many brave activists such as Shirin Ebadi, Isa Saharkhiz, Keyvan Samimi, Heshmatolah Tabarzadi as well as winner of Human Rights Defender in 2008 from the International Human Rights lawyers.

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