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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Lawyer couldn’t Meet her Client’s Interrogator

Saturday 16 October 2010, by admin

Feminist School:Today, October16, 2010, Nasim Ghanavi, Nasrin Sotoodeh’s attorney, went to the branch of the court in Evin prison to obtain some information regarding the status of her client. However he returned empty handed!

She said: “This morning I went to the court, but I could not visit the investigative judge because he had a meeting. I returned again in the afternoon, but he still was not available.â€

Nasim Ghanavi has no information about the nature of problems that might have kept her from following up her client’s case by the jury. She was not given any explanation about it. She said last week the court informed her that the investigative jury has issued the result of his investigation, and she hoped to know about her situation by today, but unfortunately she has yet to have received any information.

Nasrine Sotoodeh, a lawyer, and women activist, has been in solitary confinement, in ward # 209 of Evin prison, since her arrest on September 4, 2010. Her being on hunger strike since September 26th, not having any contact with her family since a month ago, and complete lack of information about her case have given good cause to her family to be exceedingly worried about her health.

Had it been a situation in which her family would have contacted her, a visit with her family member had been permitted, or information regarding her cause had been issued, none of the family and friends would have been so worried. Her attorney hopes that she will have more information about her case in the future.

Source in Persian:http://www.iranianfeministschool.eu/spip.php?article5936

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