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Nasrin Sotoudeh in Court on 16th of November 2010

Wednesday 3 November 2010, by admin

Feminist School: Reza Khandan Nasrin’s husband communicated the set date for the court hearing as Nasrin’s lawyers attended the court for the briefing of their client’s case, they were told the set date for the hearing is on the 16th of this month and the residing judge will be Pir Abbasi.

Nasrin Sotoudeh a lawyer and an women’s right activists has been imprisoned since September and since her arrest she has been in solitary confinement, she has been charged with 3 alleged cases. Acting against the national security, assembling to disturb the security and cooperating with Association Human Rights Defenders.

Nasrin has been allowed to meet with her sister since her imprisonment, her husband and children have not been allowed visits at all.
According to the constitution when a case reaches to this point and her interrogation has been completed, the accused has the right to have weekly visits and receive phone calls from her family.

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