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We gathered behind the doors of Evin prison;Another woman Hanged/Shahla Forouzanfar

Wednesday 1 December 2010, by admin

Feminist School: Family of Shahla Jahed gathered behind the prison gates since midnight, Shahla’s old mum, her sister and brother the whole family from far and near even the neighbours were behind the gates.

Four in the morning behind the prison gates there were more joiners in the vigil by activists and reporters. When the reporters arrived they announced that in the official government web site the news of Shahla’s hanging was confirmed, this is when even her lawyer Mr Abdulsamad Khoramshahi and her parents had not been given access to prison to see Shahla for the last time.

Five in the morning the police escorted the family from behind the prison gates, the gesture was extraordinary as usually the families make their own way through the crowd to enter the prison from a small opening in the gates of the prison.
All the mobiles for the jurists and justice ministries and lawyers were cut off.

The lawyer Mr Khoramshahi came out and announced:
Shahla Jahed went to the gallows quietly, all pleading with the family of Lale Saharkhizan was to no avail, Shahla had to be hanged, it was the wish of the defenders family.

The people behind the prison gates were all crying and not believing the hanging of Shahla.

Source in Persian:http://www.iranfeministschool.info/spip.php?article6306

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