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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s 3rd Hunger Strike in the Last Hundred Days after her Arrest

Thursday 16 December 2010, by admin

Feminist School:Nearly hundred days has passed since the arrest of Nasrin Sotoudeh a human right lawyer. One hundred days of solitary confinement without the use of any time off or transfer to general ward, even though she has been on hunger strikemost of all these time.

She has many times requested from those in charge to transfer her to the general ward as her requests have been ignored. Nasrin is on hunger strike and her husband and the 2 children are extremely concerned. No time has been set for the duration of her arrest and the preliminary reviews of her case has ended but have been told that new charges are being considered, charges such as not using a head scarf (Hejab) whilst thanking the presenters of the human right award by video conferencing .

Nasrin in conversation with her husband has stated that she is encouraged by all the support from people and friends from inside and outside the country and never expected such huge support, however she will not break her hunger strike. She has stated that she does not have any personal request and will remain on hunger strike until “All charges after the presidential election have been dropped†.

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