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Nasrin Sotoudeh Ends her hunger strike

Wednesday 22 December 2010, by admin

Feminist School:Nasrin Sotoudeh called home and informed her family that she had ended her hunger strike since Thursday, she also confirmed that she had been transferred to the prison’s medical centre on Wednesday following her poor health due to her hunger strike.She mentioned that because of her maternal responsibility towards her two young children she has decided to finish her hunger strike.

Reza Khandan , her husband , said: in comparison with her last call I think her voice showed that she is in a better health and her mental state was as good as always . he added : she didn’t talk much about her situation because our kids were listening to our conversations . He has hoped to visit her in the following days in person.

Nasrin Sotoudeh , a defender lawyer and women rights activist ,has been in prison in ward no .209 since 4 Sept. 2010 . her court was held around one month ago. she is accused to propagate against the state ,acting against national security and being a member of the centre of human rights supporters . she is waiting for the final court ruling, also she is supposed to be in court again within a week because of the new accusation for not obeying official Hejab laws.

she has been in hunger strike for 3 times since her arrest .which is included dry hunger strike for 9 days .

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