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For Nasrin Sotoudeh on Her 48th Birthday :A Comment on a Photo/Mansoureh Shojaee

Translated by:Mina Siegel

Monday 30 May 2011, by admin

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Feminist School:On May 29, you turn 49. Your law permit was cancelled, your friends in the Bar Association lamented the injustice done to you, but you walked proud and smiling out of the trial.

How sweet you appear in this historical photo with that innocent smile of yours, with that joyful gesture, raising your hands so freely without paying attention to the grim and hostile faces of the officers around you. How dignified you look ignoring them all, the officers and the handcuffs.

How lovely is that photo, your small handcuffed hands embracing Reza, your loving gaze fixed on Reza’s face, such an idyllic scene you have created. And Reza, dignified and modest as ever, full of love and kindness has embraced you. Such a scene you have created under the belligerent glowering of the officers, majestic, grand, feminine and daring.

Jiggling those rotten toys of a statesmen, you have raised your handcuffed hands joyously just to let the man of your life, the one who is from the tribe of the most liberated freedom lovers, into your arms with rapture and fascination.

Such a wonder was that photo, love was ornamented with pain, and pain has turned into a magical laughter to narrate a wondrous tale of commitment and faithfulness.

Such a wonder was that photo; it was not the usual photos taken from those tied in “prison wards.†It was the photo taken of Love, or Women, or Women in Love. In this photo you were at your best, you were Woman.

Today, at the threshold of your forty-ninth year, I talked to you womanly, I admired you womanly; and, sisterly in front of Reza’s endurance and your zeal I bowed down to worship.

Source in Persian:http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150215088442356

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