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Farewell to the Fallen Haleh Sahabi

Translated by :Sahar Mofakham

Wednesday 1 June 2011, by admin

Feminist school:Today 1st of June 2011 , Haleh Sahabi’s lifeless body was laid in her home to receive the last respects from her friends.

Photos below show the innocent body of Haleh Sahabi . As a result of the attack by plain clothes forces Haleh, during her father’s funeral Mr.Ezzatolah Sahabi,an old time political activists, died .

Feminist School pays respect and sends the deepest sympathy of activists to the Sahabi family for the loss of their two beloved members.

The Feminist School also demands that the judiciary investigate the cause of Haleh Sahabi’s death .

Our thoughts are with you .

Source in Persian:http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150217202537356

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