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Visual report from Sahabis’ memorial (Haleh and Ezatolah ) in Lavasan

Translated by:Sahar Mofakham

Thursday 9 June 2011, by admin

Feminist School:Today 7th of June the memorial ceremony for Haleh and Ezatolah Sahabi was held in Lavasan .in this ceremony more than 200 of political , social and civil activists were present.Sahabi’s family member such as her husband , daughter , mother and Haleh’s brother and some other friends of the family paid homage by their own speeches. Saeed Madani a well-known religious – nationalist activist, was coordinating the gathering.

Mrs.Zari Sahabi ,Haleh’s mother and Ezatolah Sahabi’s wife , in a very brief speech was thankful for people’s supports on behalf of her family.

Sahabi’s Family members .

Asiyeh Shamekhi , Haleh’s daughter , described her mother as a someone who loved and who passed a way with love.

Dr.Shamekhi , Haleh’s husband , also reiterated the scenes of the tragic moments where the disruption caused the death of his wife .

Minoo Mortazi , women’s rights activist and one of Haleh’s closest friend , spoke about her lovingly and great qualities as an humanitarian.

Firouzeh Saber, women’s rights activist and one their friends , read the letter of her imprisoned brother ,Hoda Saber ,the letter which he had written in Evin prison for the late Sahabis.

Hamed Sahabi ,Haleh’s brother, also spoke about her unexpected and unnatural death and went over the lasts moments before Hale’s death.

Mr.Shahhoseini an old time family friend talked about Ezatolah Sahabi’s life and his activities.

Dr.Sarah Shariati , university’s lecturer and daughter of Dr.Ali Shariati , mentioned that she didn’t want to express her anger so that is why she shortened her speech because she remembered Late Sahabis’ recommendation which had said ’ Do not speak, whilst you are full of anger’.

Fatemeh Govarayi , Women’s rights activist , who was beside Haleh while the plain clothes forces attacked. Described the tragic incidents with full of emotion and sorrow.

Akram Mesbahi , women rights activist , paid respect to Haleh’s memory by remembering Haleh during the years in France together studying and then during the war years both helping the injured and later becoming members of ’Mothers for peace’ .

According to the feminist school reports . then attendees stood by the graves of the beloved Haleh and Ezzatolah Sahabi and recited poems and moaned their death .

Goharosharieh Dastgheyb one the former MPs beside Sahabis’ graves.

Source in Persian:http://on.fb.me/joSUok

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