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Haleh, the angel of peace and patience, took flight/Parvin Fahimi

Friday 10 June 2011, by admin

Feminist School: Haleh Sahabi was a member of Mothers for Peace, a group whose members have suffered greatly in recent years. Two years ago one member, Parvin Fahimion, lost her son [Sohrab Arabi]. And now Haleh Sahabi lost her life at the burial ceremony of her father. Parvin Fahimi who has deeply suffered because of violence, has written the following note for Haleh Sahabi; she speaks of Haleh’s non-violent approach and calls on those who seek violence to cease their inhumane actions:

The angel of peace, the ever-so-patient Haleh, has taken flight and has left us. I don’t know what to say. Should I speak of the injustice that is constantly inflicted on us? Where shall there be a refuge for those who love peace and freedom? What was Haleh’s crime? Why did she have to die for her peaceful aspirations? Haleh, who stood against all forms of violence, has now become a victim of violence. These days our youth are punished in the most brutal and violent manner in response to their basic demands for freedom, the bodies of those sacrificed for peace and freedom are stolen, and now this! beating and killing of Hahleh. Is violence taking new shapes in our country? Who will answer for these savage attacks on the most virtuous of our young people?

Our dear Haleh has left us, but her deep thoughts and her deep love for peace and freedom will live on. Those who spread violence should know that standing in the path of peace and freedom will bring them shame; and that those who advocate for peace and who love freedom will stand tall in front of people and God, and they will not be forgotten.

I have a motherly advice to all those who preach violence: open your eyes now so you don’t suffer the curse of these gentle souls; people who never committed violence and simply witnessed the perishing of the flowers of this land; those who witnessed with patience and composure and with bloody hearts. Open your eyes and return to people.

I vow to never waver in my belief in peace and freedom in the face of inhumane and brutal actions of those who seek violence. I will not waste a moment and I will spread peace and I will fight against violence and I will stay steady and determined on the same path for which Haleh and others like her were sacrificed.

Kind Haleh, you should know that each and every one of us women and mothers will not stay silent in the face of the injustice that you suffered, and we will continue to uplhold your humane values. Dear Haleh, angel of peace and freedom, I salute your pure and kind soul. I thank God for giving you the honor of martyrdom and I congratulate you for your presence as a kind mother among the martyrs in the path of humanity and freedom.

May your soul be free, and may your path be full of followers.

Love is joy, love is freedom

Love is the beginning of humanity

What is life? It is love;

To give one’s life to love.

For only she who loves is alive.

Her heart and soul is worthy because of love.

 Poem by H. A. Sayeh

Parvin Fahimi, June 9th 2011.

Source in Persian:http://on.fb.me/kAkMwE

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